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Brad Nellis
Technology News

Best of Tech Awards

Brad Nellis |

The Most Promising Startup is annually one of the most interesting, yet also most challenging, categories in the Best of Tech Awards. The nominees are doing cool work, they’re getting traction and they often have great advisers and outside capital; which can make it hard to separate the companies to finalists and then from finalists to winners.

Sante Ghetti
Advocacy News

State Biennium Budget Bill Includes Tax Relief for Small Business Owners

Sante Ghetti |

The Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) commends Ohio Governor John Kasich, House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, Senate President Keith Faber, and the General Assembly today for clearing a state biennium budget bill that includes tax relief for small business owners. The final version of the tax package grants a 75% tax deduction for the first $250,000 in small business income for 2015 and a 100% deduction beginning in 2016. The plan also calls for a flat 3% tax rate on business income above $250,000. 

Small Business Matters

The Worst Decision I Made in My Business

Terri Kevany |

Mistake: “Entering into a business partnership too quickly and not taking the time to learn more about the other entrepreneur first.”

What I learned: “We set out to launch a program that would harness each of our strengths, but it quickly became apparent that our work styles did not match.”


Tips for Your Business: Always be Ready to Pitch

Terri Kevany |

Quick, in 30 seconds or less tell us what your company does and wow us with your unique selling proposition. Can’t do it? You’re not alone. It can take some time to get your business pitch just right. You'll likely go through several drafts before finding one that is compelling, and that sounds natural in conversation. A business pitch or elevator speech is a brief, persuasive speech used to spark interest in you and your business.