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Windows 10 from Microsoft is Here

Bob Coppedge |

Windows 10 from Microsoft is here.  It’s getting a fair amount of positive buzz (add or subtract the obligatory Microsoft love/hate, of course).

Oddly enough much of the buzz has been generated by the nature of the upgrade as much as the OS itself.  And that information has led to as much confusion as the product itself.

Small Business News

9 Tools to get Started with Content Marketing

Heather Whaling |

Content marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways for small businesses to establish credibility, increase brand awareness, generate leads and drive other important business outcomes. In fact, 70 percent of customers prefer to get information about a company from content rather than through traditional advertising.

Clearly, content marketing is a smart investment. But, it can also seem like an overwhelming task to take on – especially if you’re short on time, resources or budget. 

Maria Mastrandrea
Advocacy News

How to Handle Workplace Injuries Resulting from Marijuana Usage

Maria Mastrandrea |

Election Day 2016 is just over a month away, and the potential for legalized marijuana - both medicinal and recreational - should be weighing on your mind as a business owner. Employee safety is one of the biggest concerns that we hear from small business owners. There is a commitment to safety and a genuine concern for all employees - everyone should return home as healthy as they were when they reported for their shift.  

But, what happens if an employee is injured and a post-accident drug screen shows marijuana metabolite levels? Surprisingly, the claim could be allowed by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). Why? Because during the initial review done by the BWC, they have no way of knowing just how impaired the individual was at the time of the injury. While this can typically be the case for any controlled substances including alcohol, marijuana poses a problem because it stays in the system far longer than other substances, making it difficult to prove the level of impairment. 


The Worst Decision I Made in My Business

Diane Helbig, Seize This Day Coaching | Linktunity Expert |

Mistake: “Entering into a business partnership too quickly and not taking the time to learn more about the other entrepreneur first.”

What I learned: “We set out to launch a program that would harness each of our strengths, but it quickly became apparent that our work styles did not match.”