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Tips for your Business: How to keep people coming back to your website

Terri Kevany |

Your new website went live to rave reviews. But now time has passed and it is just sitting there, static, and new visitors have dropped off significantly. How do you keep your website content fresh and add features that keep your customers and others coming back again and again? Here are seven quick and cost-effective ideas on how to take your website to the next level.

Small Business News

Ask the Expert: Are You Ready For the EMV Revolution?

Brendan Hickey, Solupay Processing Solutions | Linktunity Expert |

EMV is a form of contactless payment and is now the global standard for inter-operation of integrated circuit cards, or “chip cards.”  You might also hear EMV referred to as “chip cards,” “chip and PIN,” and “chip and signature.” The term EMV comes from the developers of this technology – Europay, Mastercard, and Visa. Some credit/debit cards already use this technology in the U.S., while other regions of the world such as Europe, China and Canada have been using it for years. EMV uses a small microprocessor that’s embedded into a credit or debit card. Banks and credit card companies want you to use them because they’re more secure than magnetic strip cards.  

Making Connections One Cup at a Time

Jose Vasquez, QuezMedia | Linktunity Expert |

There’s an exciting movement happening among small business owners across the country and right here in northeast Ohio. Startup entrepreneurs of all types — tech firms, manufacturers, professional service providers, and more — are gathering each week to learn about a business or two, share advice, and make connections in an honest and supportive environment...all over a simple cup of coffee. 


Tips for Your Business: Don’t Just Network, Engage!

Ed Stevens, Stevens Strategic Communications, Inc. | Linktunity Expert |

“There’s no denying that building a professional network is critical for successful business owners, and networking is a great way to establish new contacts and engage with and learn from others,” says Ed Stevens, Chairman and CEO of Stevens Strategic Communications, Inc. “Social media sites like LinkedIn are helpful networking and promotional tools, but they cannot take the place of face-to-face interactions that allow you to expand your network and cultivate quality relationships.” Here are a few sure-fire strategies to connect and engage at your next networking event: