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Technology News

5 Questions with e2b teknologies

Brad Nellis |

We’re blessed in the CLE with a variety of creative, innovative software companies offering valuable services and unique, proprietary products. Every year, during the Best of Tech Awards nomination period leading up to Tech Week, we see a lot of great nominations. It’s tough to win the awards and tough to get to the finalist stage.

This year, e2b teknologies made it to that finalist round, a much deserved accolade as they’ve made incredible traction with a core product: Anytime Collect. We spent a little time with the company to learn more about them, their products and their plans for the future.

Energy News

LEED Certification and Green Leases—The Perfect Pairing

Tyler Nellis |

Achieving LEED certification for a building is a significant accomplishment for a property owner. However, the potential energy savings for an LEED certified building may not be realized if the energy usage of the tenants is not aligned with the goals of an LEED certified building. One way to guarantee the alignment between owner and tenants is to incorporate green leases into the renting of space within an LEED building.

Healthcare News

Health Insurance for Same-Sex Spouses

Trish Decensi |

Following the United States Supreme Court’s decision on June 26, 2015, same-sex marriage is now recognized in all 50 states. While Medical Mutual has covered same-sex-spouses in many of its health plans in the past, the ruling means same-sex spouses will be considered eligible in all of its plans.


Ask the Expert: How Can I Protect My Computer Network from Social Engineering?

Steve Giordano, TeamLogic IT | Linktunity Expert |

“Malware and related IT security threats like Social Engineering — a popular way hackers gain access to a computer network and its sensitive data — continue to increase at alarming rates. It is imperative that businesses take the proper steps to combat these increasingly stealthy threats.