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Podcast with the Software Craftsmanship Guild President

OHTec |

As a part of our ongoing support in the talent area, we are pleased to bring you our first Podcast with the Software Craftsmanship Guild’s President, Anthony Hughes.  Anthony stopped into the COSE offices to discuss a number of topics such as: What the Guild is all about, how to get involved with the Guild and what they are doing to help get quality developers out into NE Ohio.

Talent Podcast featuring Insivia

OHTec |

Today’s talent podcast features one of our members, Insivia. Founded in 2002, Insivia provides smart, aesthetic marketing solutions that get results for a wide variety of organizations. They are a team of extremely dedicated, skilled people who love their clients and producing the best work each and every time.


Is My Business Too Small To Outsource IT Support and Services?

Patty Zinn |

IT support and services run the gamut from design and installation of new networks, advice on technology upgrades, onsite support for tech issues and remote troubleshooting , to more technically demanding services like virtualizations, security implementation, and data retention compliance.