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COSE Annual Meeting Cleveland, Ohio

This annual, must-attend gathering features a panel of well-known local small business owners who have succeeded in making their entrepreneurial dreams come to fruition. Speakers will share their expertise and experiences and participate in an interactive networking reception following the presentation.

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Accessing & Using Energy Data To Improve Property Operations Cleveland, Ohio

Take action and gain cost savings with energy efficiency through an interactive workshop, real world case studies, and an analysis focused on taking the next steps.

In order to make operational improvements and retrofits that lead to energy efficiency benefits, you and your team need energy data. But how do you access this data? After you have the data, what types of analysis will help you make wise investments that improve property operations?

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COSE WebEd Series: How to Become a Trusted Advisor & Not Just a Salesperson

You only have seconds to begin reversing the negative stigma that a potential customer has about you which means the initial approach that you use is crucial. Remember that people buy from people who they know, like and trust. Join us for this interactive webinar, as Marvin Montgomery shares how to be a trusted advisor and not just a salesperson.

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COSE Day at the Capitol Columbus, Ohio

Calling all small business owners!  Would you like direct access to members of the Ohio General Assembly and public policy staff? Join us in Columbus for COSE Day at the Capitol on Wednesday, April 5 where you will have the unique opportunity to meet with policymakers and discuss ways in which we can work together to enhance the small business climate in Ohio.

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A Glimpse Inside the 10,000 Small Businesses Program Cleveland, Ohio

Interested in learning more about the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program or thinking about applying? This is an opportunity for you to get an inside peek at what the program is about. You will learn about the program, meet lead faculty member Larry Polena, participate in a mini-10ksb session, and engage with a panel of local small business owners who graduated from the program.   

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SWAP 35 Lakewood, Ohio

Get ready to make 34 new contacts in just 90 minutes! Throughout the evening, you will move to seven different tables meeting new people at each. Here you will have the opportunity to share your two minute commercial with the group while also learning the benefit to forging relationships with others. At the close of the event, you are encouraged to stay for drinks, appetizers and additional networking opportunities. So get ready...swap!

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COSE WebEd Series: Developing and Communicating Your Brand

In this interactive webinar you will learn how to deploy a successful brand. This is relevant for both retailers and service providers alike. You will learn how to take your big idea to the market, the reason for an authentic brand, crafting your message, how a brand is perceived on the internet and social media while promoting the organic formation of a loyal tribe, identifying the right target market and basic philosophies in commercial communication.

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Sales Academy Cleveland, Ohio

Join sales trainers Hal Becker and Marvin Montgomery for a full-day sales training that will take you through every facet of being a successful salesperson. The course will cover everything from how to make the initial call, to using cold calling, in-person meetings or social media to closing the sale. Heavy emphasis will be on qualifying the customer, listening skills, territory management, and what the top 3 percent of all salespeople have in common for incredible execution.

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