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Small business owners are often hesitant to hire interns because they believe they do not have the time or resources to devote to starting an internship program. In reality, internship programs can be extremely valuable for both the small business and the intern. Interns often provide fresh perspective, new ideas and help in tackling an old and growing “To Do” list. Small businesses often see a large ROI when they find the right intern for their business. The Internship Program for Small Businesses webinar will provide valuable tips and takeaways on how to start or grow an internship program that won’t create a burden on their business.

About the Speaker:

Angela Finding is the director of education and workforce at the Greater Cleveland Partnership. In her role, she provides support for the Greater Cleveland Partnership's workforce development, talent and education initiatives. As part of the overall workforce development approach, Angela is developing strategies that focus on college and career readiness for Cleveland's future workforce. Additionally, Angela works with partners in the public and private sectors to help align workforce training and talent recruitment with priority needs of key industry clusters.


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