Connect with an Expert

COSE knows that you have questions that need answers. To address this need, COSE created the COSE Expert Network - a free resource that connects you to experts who are eager to share their wisdom. Each COSE expert is available to answer questions, provide 60-minute, in-person consultations or connect via email or phone to provide feedback or information.

COSE Discounts

COSE can help you cut your expenses in several ways. Learn more about our various cost-saving programs and services.

Energy Programs & Services

COSE members have access to several programs designed to ensure you are maximizing your energy savings. Understand how COSE can help your business reduce energy costs, improve energy efficiency and finance energy improvements.

Health Insurance

The health insurance landscape has changed significantly in the past few years and small businesses are looking for guidance. We can help you make the right decision for your business.

Starting a Business

Whether you have been in business for a few years or you are nurturing a new business idea, COSE connects you with the resources to spark your next step.

Workers' Compensation

Effective July 1, Cleveland-based Minute Men Human Resources will begin to provide operational support for claims management activities that support the program. COSE staff who have been a part of the Workers’ Compensation Team will continue their work with these clients as employees of Minute Men. As a COSE member, we advocate on your behalf for the best rates and outcomes.