Become a COSE Expert to showcase your expertise to the COSE small business community.

At COSE we rely on our COSE Expert Network in many ways including:

  • Experts receive referrals from member businesses with questions
  • We turn to the COSE Expert Network when we need expertise to feature in the COSE Mind Your Business magazine and blog articles
  • We utilize experts for various marketing of COSE
  • Experts have the ability to be featured on our speaker list
  • Experts can take part in COSE events to provide an opportunity to display your expertise
  • COSE posts on social media to promote the expertise of experts and the program

To become an expert in the COSE Expert Network program you will need to:

  • Be a member of COSE
  • Provide up to 60 minute free consultations for any small business owner contacting you through the program
  • Submit an application and be approved by COSE at the end of the application process

In addition, a small fee of $250 per year is collected upon approval to cover the costs of the program. 

**Some membership levels offer a discount on the annual fee.