COSE Electric Savings Program for Business and Home

COSE's Electric Savings Program provides both commercial and residential electric savings opportunities to COSE members, chamber partners, applicable chamber affiliates, and the open market.

Why should I enroll?

Electric rates and capacity prices are on the rise. Over the past couple of years, the boom in Ohio shale gas created an energy surplus, lowering natural gas prices. This abundance of natural gas, along with new EPA regulations has encouraged utilities to close their coal-fired plants in anticipation of building new gas-fired plants to generate electricity, reducing expenses and emissions.
The transition from the old to the new power plants has created uncertainty in the market and left fewer generating facilities to meet electric demands, driving electric rates and capacity prices up.

Learn more about the changes in the electric market and how they affect you.

The best option is to enroll in a 3-year fixed rate, locking into a low price before rates inflate further.          

Enroll in COSE’s Electric Savings Program

Anyone can enroll in COSE’s Electric Savings Program. COSE members and members of COSE Chamber Partners are eligible for the tier 1 discount and non members can take advantage of savings in the tier 2 discount. Savings are also passed on to employees of businesses enrolled in our program!

To enroll, complete the appropriate form and submit to or fax it to 866.306.7929.


COSE Member & Member of Chamber Partner Application

COSE Member & Member of Chamber Partner Application

Non COSE Member Application

Non COSE Member Application


Residential Savings

To take advantage of the COSE discounted rate for your residence, select your electricity provider below and ask for the COSE rate when you enroll with your provider:

AEP Columbus Southern

AEP Ohio Power

Dayton Power & Light

Duke Energy

Ohio Edison

The Illuminating Company

Toledo Edison


Questions? Call 855.267.3688 or send an email.

*If you are a resident or business of a NOPEC community you may be subject to a cancellation fee for opting out of your existing agreement early. If you have questions or concerns about this, talk with a COSE Energy Advisor for further information by calling 216.592.2205.

The COSE Electric Savings Program is being managed by OnDemand Energy, an independent, objective consultant who has been helping consumers in the Midwest (PJM transmission territory) region shop for third-party options since 1995. OnDemand currently has relationships with all the major third-party suppliers, and between COSE's membership base and OnDemand's existing clients in PJM (30,000 accounts), the buying power and leverage represented is the greatest available in the state of Ohio.

Currently COSE has negotiated third-party pricing via OnDemand Energy that represents anywhere from 15 percent to 30 percent off the prevailing tariff rates. Now is an ideal time to lock in a third-party supply option.



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