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Get Away (Without Getting Away from Your Business)

Shawn A. Turner |

We’re heading into peak vacation season and you know the beach is calling your name. Problem is, your business is SCREAMING YOUR NAME. So, how do you go about taking a break from your business, but at the same time ensuring things won’t fall apart while you’re gone. Take a look below at some handy resources to keep in mind this vacation season.


Why Is it so Hard to Get People on Your Bus? Part Two: Controllers/CFOs, Quality Managers and Operations Managers

Jeffrey C. Susbauer, Ph.D. |

If you read my prior blog relating to the same subject, but directed at Sales positions, you will no doubt recognize that a fair amount of what was said about getting the right sales people on your bus also applies to other positions.  The sad fact is that most small business owners don't do a very good search job in looking for people, and that starts a process which often leads to unsatisfactory results.

Sante Ghetti
Advocacy News

GCP/COSE says "No" to a Cleveland-Only Wage Hike

Sante Ghetti |

Several weeks ago, members of the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) and its small business division, the Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE), announced firm opposition to the proposal for a Cleveland-only $15 minimum wage.  Collectively, we represent the most comprehensive small, middle market, and large business organization in the state.  And, if this misguided proposal – the most aggressive wage hike in the country – were enacted it would lead to the loss of businesses within Cleveland’s borders and send a strong signal to investors and employers who are considering expansions.  


3 Ways Small Companies Expand Their Reach: Presented by GTS


For retail giants like Walmart and Amazon that have significant logistics expertise, customer demand for fast or even same-day delivery is by no means impossible—but for SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Business) with fewer resources, this can be very challenging. The reason big companies devote so much money to honing in on their logistics operations is because of its complexity. For most SMBs, the expertise, staff time and money necessary to handle logistics properly is far out of reach—especially when SMBs are focusing on developing and improving product lines and the effectiveness of marketing and sales teams.