How I Stopped Loathing Networking and Started to Love Kibbitzing

These tips will help you collect more business cards (and have more fun) at the next networking event you attend.

Discounts on the Cavs and More

Being a COSE/GCP member provides you with exclusive benefits, including a discount to some of the most exciting events being held at Quicken Loans Arena, including Cavs games, concerts and more. Check out the list of events and promo code to receive your members-only deal today.

Find the Profit Hiding in Your Business

There’s profit inside your business that you might not be getting. Becoming more energy efficient is one good way to get at this “hidden” profit. Our energy team explains how a free energy audit could be the first step to boosting your business’ bottom line.

From 140 to 280: The Change in Twitter Characters and 5 Things You Should Know

Twitter recently doubled the number of characters that users are allowed to tweet. What does this mean for your business?