COSE Health Advocates

Put a Health Care Champion in Your Corner

A Unique Service to Answer Medical Questions, Interpret Diagnoses and Help You Navigate the Complex Health Care System

Picture this: you’re sitting in a doctor’s office waiting for results, wondering if something is wrong. Then you get the news—you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition. The information is confusing and it’s difficult to ask important questions when you’re feeling rushed and overwhelmed. Where do you turn? The Internet? Another doctor? COSE offers a simple, unique solution:

The COSE Health Advocates Program

Get access to a vast network of physicians to answer questions about medical conditions, help navigate the complex health care system and get peace of mind that you have a champion for your health care needs. Through the COSE Health Advocates Program, an experienced physician will serve as your personal guide and resource when faced with a health care challenge.  

They’ll help you understand new diagnoses, options and what to expect next, interpret “doctor talk,” answer medication questions, expedite appointments, and if needed, help connect you to another physician for a second opinion. They will also speak with your doctors directly to better understand your situation and help connect the dots between your doctors, your diagnosis and your options.

A Low-Cost Benefit for You and Your Employees

Starting at only $3.50 per business owner/employee per month, the COSE Health Advocates Program delivers tremendous value to you and your family, and it’s one more way to take care of your employees at a low cost. There is no other program like it for small businesses on the market today and it’s only available through COSE. We’ve partnered with Premier Health Advocates, a leading physician advocacy organization that provides confidential, unbiased education and guidance for health care issues, to offer this program. This benefit provides coverage to you as the business owner, your spouse/domestic partner, and household dependents under the age of 26. If you choose to offer this benefit to your employees, their families will receive the same level of coverage.  Finally, you also have the option to include your parents and parents-in-law in the benefit.

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