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COSE Health Advocates Program is a member-only program that will connect you with an experienced physician to help you navigate the complex health care system:

  • Need an expedited appointment with a physician or specialist who can address your medical issues?
  • Need to understand your health care options?
  • Need to interpret a recent diagnosis?
  • Want a second opinion but aren’t sure who to ask?
  • Are you sure your doctor is the best doctor for you?

COSE Health Advocates Can Help

Created by a team of world class physicians trained at top tier institutions such as Johns Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic and The Cleveland Clinic, the COSE Health Advocates program helps you make the best health care decisions for you and your family.

This incredible benefit is typically only available to large corporations with thousands of employees, but with your membership you too can take advantage, while also taking control of your health care decisions.

Enroll now in the COSE Health Advocates program.