Interested in Connecting with or Becoming a COSE Ambassador? Contact Dan Roman via phone at 216-592-2364 or email.

The COSE Ambassadors are members who serve as advocates and representatives of COSE. Their goal is to build peer-relationships with fellow COSE members, identify member needs, and increase member satisfaction from one small business owner to another. They engage prospective, new, and existing members to help them stay connected and involved. Ambassadors also volunteer at COSE events to facilitate member connections, while actively extending their own business contacts and the visibility of their company. 

Since COSE Ambassadors walk in your shoes every day, they are your support system to:

  • Connect you with COSE products, services and engagement opportunities to best serve your needs
  • Facilitate member to member and member to COSE staff connections
  • Provide insight on ways to enhance your membership

What are the Benefits of Being a COSE Ambassador?

Ambassadors receive free admission to events by volunteering, and receive monthly updates with exclusive information to provide insight on COSE’s Small Business Initiatives. 

Ambassadors perks include:

  • Free admission to Signature Events (if volunteering)
  • Access to monthly updates on the latest COSE developments
  • Monthly opportunities to establish business connections
  • Opportunity for visibility on COSE's Facebook and Twitter accounts

Interested in Becoming an Ambassador?

Ambassadors have the flexibility to be engaged as little or as much as they like, based on availability. What does this mean? You can choose to be an Ambassador when you have the time. It’s not something you are required to do every month, but rather when your schedule permits.

Ambassadors are well respected individuals who are familiar with COSE, and strive to fulfill the mission of COSE with enthusiasm and dedication.  

The following outlines the criteria for an individual to be considered for an Ambassador role:

  • COSE member for at least one year
  • Commit to one year of service as an Ambassador
  • Shadow a current Ambassador at a COSE event
  • Must be referred by a current Ambassador or COSE staff