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With people spending more time messaging than surfing social networks, chatbots has become one of the best ways for brands to leverage technology into better conversations, better engagement, and better personalization. In this talk, Ryan Gialames from Robots and Pencils will guide you through the chatbot trend -- what are bots, who’s using them, why you should use them and how to get started for less than you may think. 

Key takeaways 

● Why you should care about bots 
● Major players and trendsetters 
● Guiding principles for creating better bots 

Speaker Bio

Ryan Gialames is the Director of Product at Robots and Pencils where he helps to create delightful and engaging experiences through technology for clients across industries. Robots and Pencils is a digital innovation agency that helps its clients use frontier technology, mobile and web to create what’s next.


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