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In September 2015, Sam Brenner joined BoxCast with a large task to accomplish: build a scalable marketing strategy that increases leads, sales, and brand awareness...from scratch. At the time, BoxCast was a small startup with 12 employees, less than $500K in revenue, a $25K annual advertising budget, 20 inbound leads per month, and 1 full-time marketing associate fresh out of college. Today, BoxCast is a multi-million-dollar tech company with 36 employees, thousands of loyal customers, low attrition, more than 1,000 new inbound leads per month, and a full-time internal marketing team of four. In this session, Sam will tell you how he built the BoxCast Marketing Machine from scratch and provide you with actionable examples and tactics you can implement in your own business.


  • A Brief BoxCast Story
  • How to balance patience and optimism
  • How to build and empower a team
  • How to foster alignment between sales and marketing
  • How to measure sales & marketing results

This session will be led by Sam Brenner, VP of Marketing at BoxCast, one of Cleveland's most exciting tech companies.


He is responsible for managing BoxCast's global marketing strategy. In just under three years, Sam has built a content marketing machine from scratch that continues to drive results and extend the global reach of the company’s brand.


Sam started his career in 2009 as an outside salesperson. He sold copiers, printers, and document management software the hard way: cold calling. After more than two years hawking copiers and printers from Cleveland to Erie, Sam parlayed his sales commissions into recording his first studio album titled Where We Begin. In the summer of 2011, Sam quit his sales job and created Sam Brenner Music.


Between 2011 and 2013, Sam played his songs in clubs, coffeehouses, and colleges all around the country. Thousands of miles, hundreds of shows, dozens of broken guitar strings, and two studio albums later, Sam decided music will always be an important part of his life but it didn't need to be his full-time gig. Sam has been fortunate to share the stage with talented artists such as Lifehouse, The Verve Pipe, Lee DeWyze, Steve Moakler, Andrew Ripp, Griffin House, Bushwalla, and many others.


After transitioning his music from full-time career to beloved hobby, Sam started working as a consultant and business development manager for a digital marketing agency. He quickly started managing a variety of accounts and reestablished the agency's business development arm. At the time, there were a variety of terms being used to describe the "new way" of marketing online: internet marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, and inbound marketing. To Sam, whatever people preferred to call it, creating value-based content and distributing it online where people can discover it just made sense.


Knowing where consumer attention is and how to best serve them valuable content is Sam's simple mission.


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