What a Competency-Based Approach to Hiring Could Mean for Internship Programs

In the lead up to the Third Annual Cleveland Internship Summit on Feb. 27, Mind Your Business will be running a series of articles previewing some of the sessions that attendees will have the opportunity to sit in on. Today’s preview focuses on the competency-based approach to evaluating talent. Click here to view the other preview articles for this year’s Internship Summit.

Employers are becoming increasingly focused on finding new ways for potential new hires to demonstrate their skills and talents in new, out-of-the-box ways. And this emerging competency-based approach to evaluating talent can also be applied to internship programs.

During the upcoming Third Annual Cleveland Internship Summit, Martin Scaglione, the president and CEO of Hope Street Group, a national organization focused in part on bringing new ideas to the workforce arena, will talk about what this shift in thinking might mean for your internship program.

The session will feature an informal discussion between Scaglione and Jason Drake of Dan T. Moore Companies about a number of topics, including:

  • how competency-based hiring can be folded into existing internship programs;

  • how it can serve as the base of new internship programs companies are building;

  • how this approach can lead to long-term employment for young professionals after their internship has ended;

In addition to the above, Scaglione will also talk about Hope Street’s “Sync Our Signals” workforce campaign and how that campaign can strengthen America’s workforce through competency-based sourcing, selection and hiring practices.

Learn more about other best practices you need to know about internships by registering today for the 2018 Cleveland Internship Summit

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  • Next up: The Young Entrepreneur Institute Asks: What Advice Would You Give an Aspiring Entrepreneur?
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  • The Young Entrepreneur Institute Asks: What Advice Would You Give an Aspiring Entrepreneur?

    As part of a special partnership, the Young Entrepreneur Institute recently conducted a series of video interviews with COSE members on the topic of entrepreneurship. Today’s article focuses on what the most important piece of advice a young, aspiring entrepreneur can receive. You can learn more about the Young Entrepreneur Institute and support the work the organization is doing by clicking here.

    If you were to talk to a younger version of you, what entrepreneurial advice would you give? That was the question posed recently (by a young, future entrepreneur) to a group of COSE members.

    Their answers ranged from learning from mistakes to gaining experience in a wide variety of disciplines to learning how to stay organized. Watch the video below to see their full responses to this question.

    And click here to do your part to support the work of the Young Entrepreneur Institute and their mission of creating and shaping the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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  • Next up: What Cuyahoga County Residents Should Know about Election Voting
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  • What Cuyahoga County Residents Should Know about Election Voting

    Voters have many important decisions to make in the November 6th General Election. There are federal, state, county and judicial candidates on the ballot. There will also be state and local issues to be decided by voters.

    The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections advises people to be prepared to vote by taking a few simple steps: check their registration status and then select their voting method.  

    Voters should check their voting information to make sure they are registered at their current address. The deadline to register and/or update voter registrations is on or before Tuesday, October 9th, at 9:00 p.m. Voter registration is now available online at www.443vote.com. Registration cards are available at all public libraries. 

    Early voting is available from October 10th through November 5th at the Board of Elections located at 2925 Euclid Ave., Cleveland. Early voting hours are posted on the Board’s website.

    Voters may also submit vote by mail ballot applications if they wish to vote from home. To request an application, visit: www.443vote.com, or call 216-443-VOTE (8683). Vote by Mail ballot applications are also available at all public libraries. 

    If voters plan to cast a ballot on Election Day they need to bring identification and they may confirm their polling location online. The polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

    The Board is seeking thousands of poll workers to assist voters on Election Day. Poll workers are paid up to $200.00 and may apply online or by calling the Election Officials Department at 216-443-3277.

    NOTE: This information applies only to Cuyahoga County residents. Residents in other counties should consult with their local County Board of Elections Office for voting information.

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  • Next up: What I Learned from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program: Part I
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  • What I Learned from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program: Part I

    Dana Freund was a public-school teacher in Northeast Ohio for two decades. Education was her life. But there came a point where she wanted to add a new element to her life to go along with education, and that’s where Pinnacle Gymnastics, of which she is the owner, comes in. After starting the new company, however, it became clear where some of her weaknesses were.

    “From a business standpoint,” she says, “I had never taken a business class.”

    This is where the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program was especially helpful for Freund. She knew there were business skills she needed to sharpen for her business to grow, including negotiation and communicating her business’ culture to her employees. Both of these crucial business skills, however, were included among the curriculum in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program.

    “For me, this was an opportunity to get a business education without enrolling into a MBA program,” Freund says of the free program. “I didn’t have time for a MBA.”

    Freund says after taking the 16-week program, she was successfully able to address both of those knowledge gap areas. Here’s how.

    Negotiation know-how

    Negotiation is not a strong suit for Freund. In her world, for instance, she sets a price at her gymnastics business and that’s what the customer pays, so it’s not something she’s had a lot of experience with—until she went through the Goldman Sachs program.

    “My partner on that session whose entire life was built around negotiating contracts,” she recalls. “We were supposed to role play like we were negotiating, so I threw out a number, he threw one back, and I said, ‘OK.’

    “He said, ‘No, that’s not how it works!’ Spending the day with him, it helped me learn how to do it and now I look at the negotiation process a lot differently.”

    Playing off the strengths of the other students in the course was one of the program’s best features, Freund remembers. “It’s a huge, diverse room of people. Everybody in there does something different.”

    The courses aren’t all about dollars and sense and business strategy, however. There were human resources lessons to be learned as well, including how Freund could best communicate with her staff.

    Communicating culture

    Freund says another of her key takeaways from the program was how to effectively communicate with her staff. “I go to my staff a lot more now,” she says. “I have given my staff a lot more ownership in the choices made in the office every day.”

    For example, one idea Freund took from the Goldman Sachs program was to go back to her office and set up a dry erase board with a question about the business Freund is seeking input from her staff on. These questions have ranged from, “What could a direct competitor do to put us out of business?” to “If you were to define Pinnacle Gymnastics in one word, what would that word be?” Employees write their responses to the questions on the board, and Freund takes a picture of the question and answers so they can be recorded.

    Surveying the staff on questions such as these has been a valuable exercise in getting everyone on the same page, Freund says.

    “You might think the answer is one thing,” she says, “but does everyone share that?”

    Lean on me

    At the end of the day, Freund says the key to the program’s success lies with her fellow classmates who were also enrolled.

    “The peer relationships I took out of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program were monumental,” she says. “Everyone in there is stressing about the same thing.”

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  • Next up: What’s the Most Challenging Thing About Entrepreneurship?
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  • What’s the Most Challenging Thing About Entrepreneurship?

    Act Today: Support the Work of Young Entrepreneurs

    As part of a special partnership, the Young Entrepreneur Institute recently conducted a series of video interviews with COSE members on the topic of entrepreneurship. Today’s article focuses on the most challenging obstacles COSE’s entrepreneurial-minded members face. You can learn more about the Young Entrepreneur Institute and support the work the organization is doing by clicking here.

    From learning how to sell yourself and your business to potential customers to properly appropriating resources, entrepreneurs face a lot of challenges in their business. The Young Entrepreneur Institute sat down recently with several COSE members to ask them the hardest thing they face in being an entrepreneur.

    View the video below to watch these interviews. And to learn more about the Young Entrepreneur Institute, click here.

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  • Next up: What You Need to Know About Tech Week 2019
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  • What You Need to Know About Tech Week 2019

    OHTec—the technology program of the Greater Cleveland Partnership—is proud to announce the 13th Annual Tech Week will be held April 8-12.

    The five-day series of educational and networking events held in collaboration with OHTec's partners celebrates the region's technology sector and provides IT leaders an opportunity to network and gain insights to help ensure the continued success of the local tech ecosystem.

    As always, the signature  event of Tech Week will be held Thursday, April 11, when OHTec hosts the Best of Tech Awards, its annual celebration of the area's most innovative companies and their leadership.

    With veteran Cleveland broadcaster Mark Nolan leading the proceedings, the Best of Tech Awards will honor companies and executives in categories such as Most Promising Startup; Best Tech Services Company; Tech Company of the Year; and more. This year's program will be held at Signature Flight Support at Cleveland's Burke Lakefront Airport, from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.

    Other events highlighting Tech Week 2019 include:

    • Breakthrough!This panel discussion of female technology professionals and executives from Northeast Ohio will take a close look at the resources and networks available to help push women to continued success in the IT field.
    • Tech Tank—AdvisoryTop CIOs and other enterprise technology leaders will gather to meet with established tech companies in individual "boardroom" settings to provide advisory-minded guidance to help the tech companies build capabilities, expand their markets, reach new customers and increase their impact.
    • RITE Cool Tech Showcase: This signature RITE program spotlights student teams competing in the development of fully functioning websites, apps, or cyber security solutions.

    "We're excited to work with our partners to bring some new events to the Best of Tech calendar in 2019," says Doug Wenger, OHTec's Executive-in-Residence. "It's inspiring to see the depth of support that exists for our region's technology sector and we remain committed to ensuring tech companies and those who deploy technology across the region have the resources and connections they need to succeed."

    OHTec, a technology industry advocate and support resource within the Greater Cleveland Partnership, focuses on building relationships and a strong technology industry within Northeast Ohio. As a voice for the technology community, OHTec’s goal is to ensure a high level of engagement among the companies and individuals in the industry. Learn more about OHTec by clicking here.

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