Patrick Antos

Social Media as a Tool to Identify Qualified Candidates

Patrick Antos |

How can you maximize your hiring efforts through social media? Ask your savvy employees to help you indentify quality candidates.

Companies such as Appirio and Jobvite will locate people throughout your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

“Appirio’s matching engine comes up with a list of friends whose job titles, geographic location and other keywords match their company’s available positions, and the employee can send them a referral [through] Facebook,” said Ryan Nichols, Appirio’s vice president for product management. The matching engine has access to the same information that a Facebook friend does.

Jobvite offers a similar service, but with a wider range. While the Appirio software can currently search Facebook contacts, Jobvite can search Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter contacts. “And anyone who receives a Jobvite can search their own networks and pass it along again,” said Dan Finnigan, the chief executive of Jobvite.

Furthermore, your employees can be your most effective recruiters. Gladys Stone, a corporate recruiter in San Francisco, says it’s smart for employers to tap into employees’ social networks. [The practice] accelerates the personal referral process and [opens up the field to diverse candidates], as many social network users have hundreds of friends or contacts in their networks, she said.

If you’re willing to get a little creative and enlist the help of your employees, as many small businesses do, social media can help you increase your talent pool. Larger organizations, while competitive, can’t always move as quickly as you or offer higher growth potential opportunities the way that you can.

Empower your people and you will receive a return on your investment!