Cleveland a Start-Up Model for the World

Shawn Turner |

Cleveland has become a start-up model the rest of the world can follow, Michael Goldberg, assistant professor of design and innovation at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management, said during the keynote address of COSE’s Annual Meeting on February 24.

Through his massive open online course called “Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies” Goldberg has laid out the start-up lessons Cleveland has learned that more than 100,000 students in 190 countries can begin applying for themselves.

Fifteen or so years ago, when Cleveland was coming in at the bottom of lists of the most start-up friendly cities, the emergence of such a course might  have seemed impossible. But the emergence of such things as the Ohio Third Frontier program, The Fund For Our Economic Future and others has drastically improved the start-up climate for Northeast Ohio.

And students from around the world, from Tehran to Macedonia, have been eagerly soaking up the information, Goldberg said. “The hunger for what we are doing in Cleveland is very strong,” the former director of international business development at AOL said.

The students of Goldberg’s global classroom aren’t the only ones interested in hearing his message. The hundreds of COSE members who attended Annual Meeting inside the Near West Theatre were as well. And they took to Twitter to share some of their own takeaways: