How to Not Mess Up a Social Media Policy

Aaron Rock |

Why should you have a social media policy in place for your employees? Small companies are prone to falling victim to social media pitfalls such as damaging the company’s brand or even dropping the company straight into a legal quagmire, Fresh Squeezed Mind’s Ted Moss says. Here are six things to consider when crafting your own workplace policy.

The Ground Rules

You’re going to want your general social media guidelines to hit on a couple of areas, Moss says.

  • How employees are using their own personal accounts.
  • How they are using work-related accounts.

Focus on whatever your highest priorities happen to be. For instance, you likely will want to define roles. Who is responsible for what, and what, exactly, are these responsibilities?

“Be clear on what this entails,” Moss stresses. “Who’s approving these posts? What kind of tone are you trying to set? You’re also going to want to make sure whoever is designated to handle social media is aware of potential legal issues.”

About Those Legal Issues …

So, what legal issues should you be thinking about? For starters, Moss says you’ll want to ensure you are properly citing the work of others if you’re reposting content. Emphasize also that your employees aren’t playing too fast and loose with the company’s (or customer’s) confidential information.

Dealing with Trolls

Moss detailed earlier about how you should respond to social media and Internet criticism of your company. But what about trolls? We’re talking people who are being mean for mean’s sake. There are five ways to deal with these trolls, he suggests:

  • Ferret out if there is any fair criticism and correct any mistakes you might be making.
  • Respond calmly with facts.
  • Respond calmly, perhaps with a humorous touch.
  • Block or ban these social media users if you can.
  • Just plain ignore them.

Your social media marketing activities should emphasize the more fun side of your business while raising awareness of your brand. Folding the above into your strategy will help you achieve those goals—and keep you out of any social media hot water.

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