Most Anticipated Northeast Ohio Projects

Terri Kevany |
Cleveland, Ohio

In light of all of the development happening in Northeast Ohio, Mind Your Business recently sat down with several COSE members and asked them to discuss what projects they have on their own personal wish lists and what development gaps might still exist.

As part of this discussion, we also asked our expert panel to list what their most anticipated projects are that are actually in the pipeline for the region. Their answers are below.

Lakefront Development Project 

Cost: $280 million

Scope: Vibrant mixed-use neighborhood

Includes: Apartments, office and retail space, parks and water access space

University Circle City Center District Project

Cost: $280 million

Scope: Mixed-use neighborhood project

Includes: Residential and housing units, street-level retail space, loft office space, and garage parking

Opportunity Corridor 

Cost: $331 million

Scope: Three-mile boulevard connecting University Circle to East 55th Street, creating a 21st-century employment zone

Includes: Mobility enhancements, economic resurgence, community re-investment