Snapchat Marketing: 3 Things to Know

Allison Halco |

You probably know Snapchat from the butterfly halos and dog faces that suddenly started clogging up your social media feeds. Well, this social platform is more than just fun and games. It could be an integral part of your marketing mix.

If you have customers—or potential customers—who are younger than 35, you should use Snapchat as a marketing tool.

Excited? Great! But before embarking on your company’s Snapchat journey, it’s important to consider who your current and potential customers are, how much time and money you’re willing to invest in your Snapchat marketing, and what your ultimate goals are (i.e., general branding, promoting an upcoming event, etc.)

Keeping those factors in mind, here are three ways you can use Snapchat to promote your business:

     1. Create a Snapchat account for your business and share stories for your current and potential customers to watch.

This is the best route to take if:

  • your target audience is in the 18-24-year-old demographic group (where the highest percentage of Snapchat users are found); and 
  • you’re willing to invest a lot of time into updating your Snapchat content.

Snapchat stories are only available to viewers for 24 hours before they disappear, so this is an initiative that needs to be constantly tended to keep things fresh and to keep users interested in what you have to say.

     2. Design geofilters customers can use while in your brick-and-mortar location.

This is a useful method to engage your customers on Snapchat without putting forth as much effort as creating an account for your business. Snapchat makes it easy to create and upload customized geofilters (frames users can place around their snaps before they share them) and lets you define the geographic location (your store) of the geofilter. Snapchat charges for this service, and the charge depends on size of the location and number of hours the geofilter will be active, but that doesn’t mean the process has to be expensive. Ready to get started? Follow Snapchat’s straight-forward instructions and you’ll have your geofilter set up in no time.

     3. Use geofilters to promote your service or event.

Even if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar location, you can still use Snapchat geofilters as a method of promotion. The key here is to pinpoint locations where your target audience gathers. An example: We on the marketing team at COSE recently placed a geofilter promoting the upcoming BizConCLE event at Walnut Wednesday during lunch hours. We knew business people who fit the profile of the typical BizConCLE attendee would be there, and it paid off. Our filter netted 893 views in the span of 4 hours, and we spent a total of $5. Sound like something you could use? Snapchat makes it simple to get started.