The Tangible Benefits of Workplace Wellness

Shawn Turner |

Healthy, engaged employees are more productive than those who aren’t. In this COSE WebEd Series webinar recap, Sunny Lurie of Advanced Performance, Inc., explains how to put wellness programs into action.

The data around the benefits of workplace wellbeing are clear. For instance, in a survey earlier this year by Virgin Pulse, 97% of the 620 business leaders surveyed indicated that wellbeing positively influences engagement. Separately, a recent survey done by The Economist, 84% of senior company leaders said unengaged employees is a top business threat.

Do you see the connection here? During a recent COSE WebEd Series webinar titled “Creating a Healthy, High-Performing Workplace,” Sunny Klein Lurie, the CEO of Advanced Performance, Inc., said promoting workplace wellbeing can boost both morale and your workers’ performance. 

There are more benefits as well, Lurie said. For example, medical costs fall by $3.27 per dollar spent on wellness program, according to a report by National Institutes of Health. And putting such a philosophy in place can also help in recruiting, as millennials tend to be more focused on purpose than paycheck.

So, how do you achieve this state of wellbeing in the workplace? She pointed to engagement—that act of fostering a commitment to work, the company, customers and a genuine connection to co-workers—as being one potential route.

Wellness in Action

According to a 2015 American Wellbeing Report done by Gallup, Ohio ranks 47th in the United States in wellbeing. Lurie identified several ways to build engagement and promote wellness that might help to improve this ranking, including:

  • Distribute an engagement assessment to your staff, asking them if they feel have the opportunity to do what they want; if their associates are committed to work; if they receive adequate recognition; if they have friends in the workplace, etc.
  • Do a “FitBit Challenge” that encourages your staff to get up and move.
  • Add a treadmill to one corner of your office, with a sign-up sheet.
  • Hold stand-up meetings for shorter meetings of no longer than 15 or 20 minutes.
  • Add a “Growth Opportunity” day to your company’s calendar. This is a day when staff will be given the chance to work on projects that inspire them. This is a good way to play to your employees’ strengths, their particular blend of talent, skills and knowledge.
  • Institute reading groups, which can help with stress relief.

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