COSE Discounts

We have created a number of relationships with local providers of products and services that can be of value to your business. Take a look at our current offerings that will help you save time and money.

Business Insurance

Do you need help learning about which business insurance options are best for you? We've done the work for you and have provided you with many resources to meet your business insurance needs.

Energy Programs and Services

The costs and complexity of managing the energy needs of your business are often challenging. For more than fifteen years we have been a national leader in supporting the energy needs of small businesses. Whether it’s a free energy audit, the opportunity to reduce your purchasing costs or financing and management of an energy efficiency retrofit, COSE members have access to several programs designed to maximize your energy investment.

Membership Directory

Sometimes you just need to find someone local that can help meet your needs! Search our Membership Directory to connect with other small business owners to obtain their services, seek their input or talk to about doing business with you.

Small Business Health Insurance Solutions

The health insurance landscape has changed significantly in the past few years and the options, penalties and programs can be confusing. With more than forty years of experience providing small businesses with health coverage solutions, we have a large number of options for you to consider and can help you make the right decision for your business.

Workers' Compensation Rate Reduction Programs

As an employer in Ohio, you need to provide workers compensation coverage for your employees. COSE has managed a group rated workers’ compensation program that can provide up to a 53% savings on your premiums. And, we have a variety of additional savings programs, safety discount programs and other options that can help save you money, even if you don’t qualify for group rating.