About Greater Cleveland Partnership

Diversity and Inclusion at GCP

The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) strives to be a civic model for the development and implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies that advance productivity, innovation, and economic growth.

Our commitment to this goal is evident in our leadership polices, employment practices, purchasing priorities, business partners and community investments. Read our Board of Directors Resolution on Diversity and Inclusion.

Because of GCP’s unique mission, we have the opportunity to model our commitment to diversity and inclusion in at least four distinct areas:

  • Board Composition & Engagement: The GCP embraces board diversity as a calculated strategy to enhance organizational creativity, promote competitiveness throughout its markets, and ensure responsible and responsive corporate governance.
  • Operational Objectives: The GCP endeavors to develop a staff that reflects the diversity of our region and allows us to better connect with the business and policy priorities of the members we serve. By creating wealth and opportunities through purposeful economic inclusion efforts, we will strengthen our local tax base, create a more diverse and competitive supplier base, and provide a viable incentive for greater racial and ethnic cooperation.
  • Member Commitment: Through the Commission on Economic Inclusion, a network of more than 100 Northeast Ohio employers committed to a shared set of business priorities, GCP works to foster economic inclusion as the operating norm for businesses and organizations in the region.
  • Social Equity: For the economic prosperity for the region, the GCP supports initiatives that, among other things, promote the improvement of our urban education systems and facilitate effective preparation of our local workforce to meet the needs of current and emerging industries.

Our commitment to supplier diversity

Strengthening the minority business community through increased capacity contributes to the overall economic growth of our region and to the expansion of our markets. It is the policy of the Greater Cleveland Partnership to offer minority-owned business enterprises (MBEs), women-owned business enterprises (WBEs) and small business enterprises (SBEs) an opportunity to actively compete with all other suppliers. 

All of this begins with the relationships GCP builds with diverse residents of Northeast Ohio through the many GCP programs and initiatives in our community. Based on the GCP's focus on full and inclusive economic development in our region, we place a priority on purchasing from MBEs, WBEs and SBEs, which includes current and prospective members of the Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE, the GCP's small business partner) and other small businesses located in Northeast Ohio. We encourage all of the small businesses we work with to become COSE members.

GCP Purchasing Council

Launched in 2008, the GCP Purchasing Council uses GCP/COSE spend to diversify our suppliers: The Purchasing Council’s focus is on minority-owned businesses. We set annual spend goals with MBEs. However, we also track spend with women-owned businesses and drive business to COSE and GCP members. Departmental representatives meet quarterly to review our actual spend versus goals, identify new business opportunities and source new diverse vendors. Through the Council we:

  • Connect with the community – build our reputation as an inclusive organization, model our expectations of our membership.

  • Recruit GCP and COSE members.

  • Strengthen local businesses.

The Council also identifies venues and media by which to promote our diverse vendors in the broader community. For more information, email Megan Kim or call 216.592.2356.

Our goals

  • We strive to effectively communicate our commitment to supplier diversity internally by coaching our internal purchasers and externally by utilizing a diverse range of suppliers in our region.

  • We have established goals regarding diversity spend and continuously assess specific business opportunities with potential suppliers.

  • We track our spending with suppliers to continuously measure diverse supplier utilization and spend.

  • We work to facilitate the building of business relationships among MBEs, WBEs and other COSE members.

Contact us

If you are an MBE, WBE or a small business who would like to inform us about your company and the products and services you offer, please email us and include information regarding your certification. NOTE: Submission of information does not guarantee a contract will be awarded.