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Browse Business Resources

The Greater Cleveland Partnership connects Northeast Ohio companies with a variety of resources to support their growth and expansion. 

Business Retention & Expansion

The Greater Cleveland Partnership Business Development Team is committed to our companies and our community. It's about priority, and GCP is responding to Greater Cleveland's business needs.

Our team members meet face-to-face with company executives to learn about their needs, understand their challenges and identify opportunities to keep their businesses competitive and growing in Greater Cleveland.

Learn more about the activities and services GCP provides to help your company.

Minority Business Development

At GCP, we’re increasingly mindful that we’re all part of a regional community, an economic ecosystem. Through the Commission on Economic Inclusion, we’re working to ensure the full participation of minority individuals and companies in the region’s economic development agenda. 

A new collaboration of 11 Northeast Ohio business assistance organizations is launching an initiative to mutually identify and support promising minority business enterprises (MBEs) to stimulate job growth and economic development in the region.

The goal of the Minority Business Service Providers Collaborative is to fully leverage business development resources in a coordinated and efficient process to accelerate the growth of promising businesses. Click for details.

Middle-Market Programs

Accelerating Middle-Market Progress (AMMP) is our middle-market initiative that reinforces the GCP’s commitment to, and focus on, creating a vibrant business environment for middle-market companies in Northeast Ohio.

With the support of our Middle-Market Steering Committee, we have been enhancing and growing our efforts on behalf of middle-market companies over the last five years to include events and programming, content and information, and experiences specifically designed to meet the needs and interests of these businesses.

Learn more about how our Middle-Market Initiative can help your company. 

Small Business Solutions

COSE, the GCP’s small business division, is the region's largest small business support organization that provides cost-effective group purchasing programs, advocacy on legislative and regulatory issues, and networking and educational resources to help Northeast Ohio’s these  businesses grow.

With nearly 8,000 members, COSE is a driving force in advocating for the priorities of our region’s small businesses. 

Learn more about how COSE can help your small business.

Engaging the Technology Industry

OHTec is a technology industry advocate and support resource within the Greater Cleveland Partnership that focuses on building relationships and a strong technology industry within Northeast Ohio.

As a voice for the technology community, OHTec’s goal is to ensure a high level of engagement among the companies and individuals in the industry.  Click to learn more.