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We are pleased to introduce a new logo in recognition of our work for and with middle-market member companies in the Greater Cleveland Partnership.

The new mark—AMMP, Accelerating Middle-Market Progress—reinforces the GCP’s commitment to, and focus on, creating a vibrant business environment for middle-market companies in Northeast Ohio.

With the support of our middle-market steering committee, we have been building and growing our Middle-Market initiative over the last five years to include events and programming, content and information, and experiences specifically designed with the needs and interests of middle-market companies in mind.

We remain focused on sparking ideas and providing connections to support these companies' growth strategies. Our Middle-Market Knowledge Center is a great starting point to learn more about products and services that support this dynamic segment of the economy.

Our Strategic Partner

The National Center for the Middle Market, a partnership of The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, SunTrust Banks, Inc., Grant Thornton LLP and Cisco Systems, provides knowledge, leadership, and innovative research on the U.S. middle market. 

The first of its kind in the nation, the Center serves middle-market firms, students, academic researchers, policy makers, the media, and other key stakeholders with interests in the health and well-being of the middle market.

It is fully committed to funding and distributing the most credible open-sourced research, dynamically creating new knowledge, providing programs that drive value for middle market companies, and offering a well-informed outlook on the health and future of the middle market via the Middle Market Indicator.

About the U.S. middle market

Nearly 200,000 companies with revenues between $10 million and $1 billion make up the U.S. middle market. These companies:

  • Provide 44.5 million jobs

  • Account for 34 percent of total private employment

  • Generate more than $10 trillion in combined revenues annually.

If looked at as an individual market segment, the U.S. middle market would be the world’s fifth-largest global economy, just behind Japan and ahead of Germany. Clearly, then, there's a need to better understand these companies and provide them with the level of support, attention and advocacy they need.

GCP Middle-Market Knowledge Center

News, data and information about the middle market is only a click away in the GCP Middle-Market Knowledge Center. Learn about middle-market trends in healthcare, talent retention and attraction, innovation, manufacturing and more.