The effort to legalize marijuana in Ohio is likely to persist. It’s important for small business owners in particular to stay up to date on the latest information about potential legalization and the impact marijuana could have on business in Ohio. Check this page regularly; COSE will keep this page updated with the most recent news and data about marijuana in Ohio.

RESEARCH: COSE has spent a lot of time in discussion with its board, community leaders, and experts in examining the impact passage of Issue 3 would mean for Ohio. Read on for in-depth analyses on what this complex issue means for employers and the state.

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MULTIMEDIA: Let the experts break down for you how legalization will impact workers’ compensation cases, testing costs, workplace policies, and more.

  • Learn what small businesses should be doing right now to prepare for the potential legalization of marijuana in Ohio
  • Employers and small business experts discuss what has entrepreneurs most on edge about the prospect of legalized marijuana. Watch the video.
  • Steve Millard, President and Executive Director of COSE, and other business and addiction experts discuss how marijuana could change the business landscape in Ohio. Watch the webinar today! Free registration required to view.
  • Legalized marijuana could prove costly for small businesses. Learn why
  • Ohio will be making big changes to its Constitution if marijuana is legalized. Is this the right way to go about it?
  • What has the experience been outside Ohio when it comes to legalized marijuana? Learn about some of the limited amount of data culled so far. 


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