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Does creating new opportunities and value excite you? Are you innovative and creative? Are you a business owner? If you answered yes to these, then congratulations, you have an entrepreneurial mindset. Learn how to sharpen these qualities and apply them to your business. Strengthening your entrepreneurial mindset can benefit you whether you are an established business or a new business, a florist, or a chef, a consultant or a manufacturer.



Author and entrepreneur Gary Schoeniger is an internationally recognized thought leader in the field of entrepreneurial mindset education. Drawing from hundreds of interviews with successful entrepreneurs, Schoeniger offers a powerful and dynamic workshop that captures the essence of an entrepreneurial mindset and the limitless opportunities it can provide.



In this session Schoeniger will:

• Look beneath the surface to identify the most popular myths and common misperceptions that lead entrepreneurs astray


• Identify eight essential habits that enable entrepreneurs with limited resources to transform a simple idea into a sustainable success


• Examine the underlying beliefs and assumptions - the mindset - that ultimately leads to entrepreneurial success

This event is complimentary for Business Connections Members. 


$25 for members

$40 for non-members


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Aloft Beachwood

1010 Eaton Blvd

Beachwood, Ohio 44122

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