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Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less. It is a posture of the heart that shows up in how you live, lead, and listen. Humble leaders recognize the value in others. They inspire, connect, check in, and elevate those they serve and lead. This session will discuss some of the tenets of cultural humility and its effectiveness in building culturally safe environments that brings out the best in others. Join us for the next Diversity Professionals Group, co-hosted with Cleveland SHRM as we explore using the tool of Cultural Humility as a framework for your workplace culture and leadership.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the tenets of the cultural humility framework.
  • How to effectively create culturally safe workplace environments.
  • Learn how cultural humility can enhance leadership interactions with staff.





James Knight


James Knight

Vice President for Equity and Inclusion

St. Edward High School




James Knight, a doctoral candidate with extensive research in cultural humility and who specializes in cultural sensitivity trainings has developed an innovative approach to the DEI work that will help move your organization forward by equipping it with a framework rooted in cultural humility.


As Vice President for Equity and Inclusion at St. Edward High School, James leads the development of vision and strategies that champions the importance and value of a diverse and inclusive community. Part of his work involves engaging faculty, staff, and students in order to make the school a culturally safe environment. In his role, James assesses the potential barriers to inclusion and diversity; develops strategies focused on recruiting and retaining a diverse community. Annually, he designs training programs on cultural competency, cultural humility, cultural safety, and a wide array of topics designed to increase awareness and support of diversity and equity.


In addition to his work at St. Edward, James Knight works with a variety of organizations and leaders across the country as a diversity and inclusion strategist. Much of his work is centered on assisting organizations in developing a cultural humility framework in order to create culturally safe environments.



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