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Our virtual COSE Member Meet-Ups have become a great way for small businesses to connect with one another on a regular basis. Our attendees have had the opportunity to discuss what’s on their minds as small business owners, hear how others are navigating challenging times, create some new relationships, and have a few laughs!


Our June Meet-Up will be hosted by Bob Pacanovsky.


During the June COSE Meet-Up, we will transport you to the role of a customer or prospect. If there ever was a time to think and act like your customer, now is that time. Every sense is now heightened for them about your business. And traits like trust, comfort, peace of mind, and cleanliness are now front and center in their minds.


That’s why “Impact Points” in your organization may now be one of the most important elements in creating a top-notch Customer Experience. You will be able to review the three stages of Impact Points that every customer goes through. And since you will be a customer of your business during this event, you will be able to brainstorm with other COSE members on what you believe are the critical Impact Points for each of the three stages. You will also be given the Good/Could/Should exercise that will help your employees look at the business through the eyes of a customer.


With all of these tools, you can now design the entire customer experience for your customers and prospects so that you can then emphatically say “YES” to the question- Would YOU do business with YOU?



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