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Our virtual COSE Member Meet-Ups have become a great way for small businesses to connect with one another on a regular basis. Our attendees have had the opportunity to discuss what’s on their minds as small business owners, hear how others are navigating challenging times, create some new relationships, and have a few laughs!


At this Meet-Up, hosted by Harriet Russell, we'll discuss the topic "Doing Business With Ease Across Cultures: Multicultural Inclusion with Less Stress and More Mindfulness."


  • Do you feel uncomfortable when you cannot understand another person's accent?
  • Do you work with people from a different cultural background?
  • Do you travel or do business internationally? 


A global mindset is key for success in today’s world, and it starts at home. Greater Cleveland is a very multicultural area. 


Whether you manage a multicultural team, work business to business, or want to expand and build relationships across cultures, this event will help you navigate cultural differences with greater awareness and ease. 


Learn business and communication tools and tips to increase your cross-cultural competence. Presentation includes real life stories to illustrate concepts, powerful questions for self-reflection, and small group interaction to explore strategies for current issues. 


Actionable takeaways include: The E.A.S.E. Model showing four ways to increase cross-cultural competence and The Three A's Model to overcome discomfort and difficulties.  


Join in for an interactive and educational time together, coming from the heart.


If you have a particular question or comment on this topic, please email it to harriet@harrietrussell.com.    



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