Apr 28

Permissive blockchain language the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) drafted last year was formally introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives last week. The bill, HB 220, aims to clarify and allow government entities, including state government, to adopt blockchain technology.


The topic of blockchain technology, an online ledger system that may be used to distribute and better protect data going forward, was center-stage in Northeast Ohio last year at the BlockLand Solutions Conference in Cleveland. GCP President & CEO Joe Roman has co-chaired the BlockLand Political Environment Node with Dr. Akram Boutros of Metro Health.


Ohio also passed blockchain legislation that was supported by GCP last year. That initiative allowed our state to become one of only several states to have done so in the country. Now, state government may be interested in better understanding the potential for blockchain value creation in Ohio and continues to seek to engage with interested parties.

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