Aug 27

GCP president and CEO Joe Roman joined WTAM host Bill Wills this morning to discuss the digital divide in Northeast Ohio as well as new updates to air service from Cleveland.

Internet use enables individuals to access information for job searches, health, education, job training, and entrepreneurship.  Yet nearly one in four households in Cuyahoga County lack internet access of any kind. This digital divide has a disproportionate impact on the welfare of the black community in Cuyahoga County. Closing the digital divide, therefore, is essential to closing the racial divide. In addition to access, many households do not have the devices needed for remote learning.

GCP and several organizations have partnered with PCs for People to provide internet access and devices to these under-served communities.

Roman and Wills also discussed flight service that has been added to key destinations. While there are more opportunities to access direct flights, the passenger numbers will take a while to recover.

There was some discussion on local income taxes and the school tax levy to as well as efforts to continue to improve the system. 

Listen to the full interview.