Dec 17


Joe Roman, GCP President and CEO, joined WTAM host Bill Wills this morning to discuss the latest in Cleveland news.

The first topic was the progress of the COVID-19 vaccine. While it is projected that we are still six to nine months from being out of the woods, the speed and effectiveness with which the vaccine was produced and is being distributed speaks to the innovation power in this country, according to Joe.

Additionally in COVID news, the two discussed GCP joining the Coalition to Stop the Spread, along with hundreds of other organizations coming together to mobilize workforces, customers, vendors and friends in advocating for the steps known to combat the virus. 

In budget news, the State Capital Budget was released this week and Cuyahoga County received almost $24 million for community projects. These types of projects go beyond money that universities, roads and prisons often receive. This year, Joe said, the funds were spread around to many different projects—including those for parks and other things that make it easier for people to be outside.

From an advocacy perspective, Joe explained that GCP is making the argument that the Midwest is losing population and that place-based visas are important to this area. Knowing that immigrants bring great skills, start new companies, and hire and partner with people who already live here, these special visas can help attract people to the Midwest’s manufacturing companies, hospitals and research institutes. 

They also discussed the new direct flight from Cleveland Hopkins Airport to Washington, DC, the need for more Paycheck Protection Program funds, and the Indians name change.

Listen to the full interview.