Jun 22

Following a strong statement from Craig Arnold, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Eaton, the GCP board voted unanimously on the resolution listed below.

This critical, urgent issue remains a leading member-driven priority and it was elevated further, with substantial input from Eaton and GCP’s small, middle-market, and large businesses, since the GCP Public Policy Agenda was approved in late 2018 and unveiled in 2019.  GCP has and continues to advocate for funding at the federal and state level to address the digital divide and promote digital inclusion in Cleveland. 

GCP Resolution to Prioritize and Accelerate the Closure of Greater Cleveland’s Digital Divide
June 17, 2020

The number of Greater Clevelanders disconnected from the broadband and internet infrastructure so commonly available to others in our region causes significant and unacceptable hardships in education, health care and job access, among other issues. An inability to access or afford broadband connectivity furthers the disparities for those in our region with lower incomes or who reside in isolated geographies and disproportionately impacts people of color.   

As such, the Greater Cleveland Partnership will immediately focus the organization’s business leadership, strategy, advocacy and resource development skills and capacity to help effectively close this divide in Greater Cleveland.  We will team with partners from other sectors, will build on existing work and will operate in an inclusive manner to reach this goal. We will endorse or co-create a specific plan of action and funding strategy, based on public, private, philanthropic and neighborhood input.