Jun 29

The GCP recently testified at the Statehouse in support of SCR 14, a resolution that would prioritize promoting racially equitable economic and workforce development practices. During a hearing last week of the Senate Health Committee, citizens, health care providers, business groups and others gave supportive testimony in addition to the GCP.

Prior to testifying at the state level, the GCP board recently voted in full support of declaring racism a public health crisis and to establish a working group to promote racial equity at the local level. State testimony asserted, “GCP believe that the business community has an important role to play in this work, which is why our organization is voicing support to declare racism a public health crisis.”

SCR 14—in addition to efforts locally—would prioritize racially equitable economic and workforce development practices, an effort GCP has long-supported through the Equity & Inclusion Division, which has worked since 2011 to close the racial disparities in jobs, income, and wealth by growing businesses owned by people of color.

SCR 14 includes bipartisan support from state lawmakers and now awaits additional hearings. To read GCP’s full testimony in support of the resolution, click here.