Jun 12


NEXT GEN RTA kicks off this week for the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority. NEXT GEN is RTA’s first comprehensive system redesign since 1975.

To arrive at the system redesign, RTA partnered with a national firm with expertise in community transit and held a host of community meetings over an 18-month period. Overwhelmingly residents and riders told RTA they wanted greater frequently, more access and shorter wait times.

So, what are the benefits of NEXT GEN RTA? 
• Shorter wait times during the week, with some routes now offering service seven days a week  
Better connectivity between neighborhoods with more one-seat trips between low and moderate income neighborhoods and entry-level jobs.
• Access to 11% more jobs in 60 minutes or less 
• 167,000 more people will be within a ½ mile walk of frequent service 
• 8,400 more people will be within a ½ mile walk of any transit service 
50,000 more jobs will be within a ½ mile walk of frequent transit service
To launch NEXT GEN, RTA is offering free rides on bus, rail, Park-N-Ride and paratransit from today through June 19.

In 2018, RTA began to think about what its 10-year outlook would be.

The changes are increasing job access for riders, which is an advantage for Greater Cleveland employers and GCP members.

All-day pass costs were decreased by 50 cents. RTA prioritized trips based on work, education and healthcare. An interactive map is available on their website and an app is available for trip planning.

Equity played a major role in the service changes, with RTA noting that 74% of Clevelanders are dependent on public transit.