Oct 22

GCP president and CEO Joe Roman joined WTAM host Bill Wills this morning to discuss a number of topics of importance to our community. The Cleveland Innovation Project —an alliance of the Cleveland Foundation, Fund For Our Economic Future, Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP), JumpStart, and TeamNEO—announced its vision for how to establish Cleveland as a leading Midwestern region for technology-led growth and inclusion by 2030. These organizations are executing on the plan and focusing on manufacturing and digital healthcare. Within each sector, the focus is on expanding platforms that connect innovators, institutions, entrepreneurs, and industry to leverage technologies and digital applications for creating new products, services, and companies.

Cleveland Hopkins Airport's Master Plan provides guidance for development of the airport to meet the continued passenger and business community needs. The plan includes assessing major facility improvements and long-term capital investment. While the pandemic has certainly impacted travel, there are several airlines that have expanded their nonstop service to entice passengers to travel. 

The two also touched upon the COVID-19 pandemic as well as upcoming election and issues, early voting and the record turn out so far.

Listen to the full interview.