Sep 14

This Election Day, you can play an important role in our democracy by helping to operate neighborhood polling places. Poll workers are essential to running elections. Ohio’s 88 county Boards of Elections have historically relied on over 35,000 Ohioans to operate voting locations and assist fellow voters with casting a ballot. With more than 65% of Ohio poll workers being age 61 or over, there is a real concern that many may choose not to serve this November due to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on older populations.

Employers can play a critical role by encouraging employees to be poll workers. By giving their staff and workforce Election Day off to serve at the polls, companies can become heroes in democracy. Your employees who choose to be a poll worker will be part of something bigger, helping others in their community take part in the American experience. This year, upon request of the Ohio Secretary of State, the Supreme Court of Ohio will award CLE credit to any Ohio attorney who serves as a poll worker during the November 3, 2020 Election, providing a unique opportunity for lawyers and law firms.

To learn more about becoming a poll worker and access poll worker recruitment toolkits, visit the Ohio Secretary of State website here.