Jun 22

Greater Cleveland Partnership and Unify Jobs Partner for Pilot Program

Creating inclusive employment opportunities for employers and job seekers in Cleveland


CLEVELAND, June 22, 2021–The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) and Unify Jobs, a technology platform focused on transforming the hiring experience for both employers and job seekers have partnered on a pilot program geared to creating inclusive employment opportunities for area employers and job seekers. The pilot will engage area workforce providers including the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Ohio Means Jobs agency.

Launched in April, Unify Jobs is an integrated talent engagement platform emphasizing social equity and sustainable career development.

Unify Jobs is specifically aimed at providing employers with a unique way to diversify their workforce and fill their talent needs rapidly. A key feature of the platform is that it helps remove implicit biases commonly found during traditional hiring and job search processes by asking skills-based questions to match candidates and employers. The platform is a one-stop-shop for building and deploying equitable job postings that are matched to the applicant’s individual abilities and interest.

GCP will engage businesses throughout Greater Cleveland to participate in the pilot. Applicants will be able to access Unify Jobs through a link housed on the GCP INGEAR resource portal. Once a profile is completed, the applicant is immediately matched to employers’ open positions and invited to apply.

“Employers are challenged to find sufficient workers through traditional means,” said Shana Marbury, senior vice president of talent for GCP. “We are excited to pilot a new approach with Unify Jobs that hopefully advance our goals of both closing the talent gap in Greater Cleveland and providing equitable access to jobs for diverse candidates in our region.”

Unify Jobs allows for a more comprehensive applicant profile to be developed than conventional job boards. For job seekers, this can lead to a more equitable process by starting with what matters—their ability and interest in doing the job. For employers, benefits include connecting with compatible applicants who can and want to do the jobs available, as well as the cross-occupational matching and upskill features to help retain valued team members and expand qualified candidate options. On a broader level, equitable hiring helps to create inclusive employment, which leads to thriving communities.

“Unify Jobs is designed to provide applicants in underserved areas with personalized opportunities based on their needs, interests, and abilities,” said Stephen McHale, CEO of Unify Jobs. “This model serves as a regional network for a diverse, industry-responsive talent pool that is an economic driver of growth, competitiveness, and prosperity for Greater Cleveland.”

GCP, Ohio Means Jobs, and Unify Jobs will be working with numerous Greater Cleveland employers and workforce development providers for the pilot project. The GCP INGEAR access portal is expected to be operational by August 1, 2021.

“Ohio Means Jobs Cleveland-Cuyahoga County is committed to assisting businesses with their hiring needs and providing individuals with the tools necessary for a successful job search,” stated Frank Brickner, CEO of Ohio Means Jobs, Cleveland-Cuyahoga County. “Participation in this pilot provides additional career opportunities to traditionally underserved job seekers, which helps with our efforts to address diversity, equity and inclusion in the workforce.”

Unify Jobs is already engaged with other area employers including the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. The GCP-Unify Jobs pilot will broaden job seeker access to other area employers.

About Greater Cleveland Partnership

Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP), with more than 12,000 members, is the largest metropolitan chamber of commerce in the nation. Our mission is accelerating growth and prosperity to help develop a thriving region for all businesses and individuals. To learn more, visit www.gcpartnership.com.


About Unify Jobs

Unify Jobs is an integrated talent engagement platform designed to achieve full, equitable employment, which is a key driver of inclusive prosperity. Unify Jobs was developed by Unify Labs, a nonprofit tech innovation center with a mission of powering inclusive prosperity. To learn more, visit www.unifylabs.org.