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Chad is the Vice President of Membership Development and Service. Since he started in March 2014, Chad has led the teams that are responsible for new member acquisition and retention. In layman’s terms, it is sales and service, but it is much more than that. Not only does his team have the first interaction with new members, but also the most ongoing interactions. Chad works with every area within COSE to ensure members get the most value possible from their membership.

What is your best business advice?... Plan your work and work your plan.

How do you help small businesses?... My team helps members get the most value from their membership. If this helps them achieve success, then we are doing our part to support and grow small business.

What was your favorite career moment?... After 4 years of working for another organization, I returned home to COSE. During this time, I learned various methods to run sales and services-some positive, others negative. I am leveraging this perspective and experience within the Membership Development and Service department.

What is your favorite quote about business?... “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

What is the most valuable aspect of a COSE membership?... We help small businesses in many more ways than can be listed in a brochure. Put us to the test. Have a conversation with a membership advisor, so we can get to know your business challenges and what success looks like for you. We may not check off every single item on your list, but we will make a huge dent.