MYB Year in Review: 2019

As we end one decade and start another, we’re taking a look back at ten of our favorite articles from 2019. Which ones make your list?

In 2019 we explored topics including cybersecurity, using video to market your business, establishing an effective social media presence and so much more. Here is a recap of some of those standout articles.

Hiring Contract Remote Workers Can Benefit a Small Business if Done Right

Not having the responsibility to pay for health care and saving on office space are just two of the reasons many businesses are using contract remote workers. Read these other benefits to hiring contractors and how you can have a successful experience for all parties.

The Benefits and Cost of an Employee Wellness Program

From reduced health care costs to increased employee morale, there are many benefits of a workplace wellness program. Discover the details behind employee wellness programs: the costs associated, the benefits and examples of the limitless possibilities for these programs.

9 Ways to Remove Risk from Your Social Media Policy

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, but it can also open your business up to a lot of risks. Having a strong and clearly worded social media policy can help you mitigate these risks, however. Here are nine things to keep in mind as you put your company's policy together.

Check Your Fiscal Fitness

How fiscally fit are you? You should probably already know the answer to this question but most business owners do not. Answer these 10 money questions and find out.

Don't Act Like a Sell Out When You're Selling

There are going to be times as a sales person when you'll have to modify your behavior to land a sale. Here's how to make sure you don't modify the integrity of your business and your self-esteem in the process.

5 Cybersecurity Tips You Should Put in Place Right Now

On average, a data breach costs the impacted business $3.6 million. And the cost-per-compromised-record is an average $141. If only the companies hit by these data attacks had taken a look at these cybersecurity tips.

Don't Be a Networking 'Slug'

Networking receptions can be a powerful way to generate new business for your company. It's a shame, though, how many people create negative first impressions during these events and end up driving business away. Don't be one of these networking slugs: Follow this advice instead!

5 Ways to End Workplace Dishonesty

There's a lot to understand when it comes to workplace dishonesty, including the reasons behind it and the different forms it can take on. And most importantly, we're bringing you ways to prevent dishonesty from happening at work in the first place. So click here—because, honestly, you can't afford to miss this one.

Making Relationships Work

Before you enter into a new business relationship, it's imperative you really know your new partner. Here is the basic information you need to know, and the proof you need to see, in order to ensure your partnerships work for you.

10 Benefits of Using Subscription-based IT Services for Your Business

From ease of scalability to cost streamlining, more companies are looking to subscription-based IT services to help with their technology needs. Take a closer look at other reasons why companies are making the switch.


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  • Next up: Developing the Talent Pipeline at the 2020 Cleveland Internship Summit

    Developing the Talent Pipeline at the 2020 Cleveland Internship Summit


    Cleveland area educators and business community representatives attended the 2020 Cleveland Internship Summit last week at Tri-C’s Corporate College East Campus. Attendees heard from Keynote Speaker Jeff LeBeau, who started as an intern in 2006 at WRL Advertising and is now the company's president.

    In his presentation titled Create Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow, LeBeau said that an employer’s focus should be on building an internship that works for both parties—one that is flexible, educational, challenging, and that provides real work experience and a clear an end goal.

    “It’s about exposing people to what they aren’t comfortable with and working to improve that,” he said.

    New this year, the summit featured programing that includes a track targeting those with long-term, established programs and a track of topics for those who are seeking the foundational information of building or growing an internship program.

    For newer internship programs, sessions included Intern Recruitment with panelists from CSU, Lincoln Electric and Union Home Mortgage, as well as Diversity & Inclusion in Internships with panelists from Ernst & Young and Tucker Ellis. For established internship programs, sessions included Innovation in Internships with panelists from FedEx Custom Critical, Sherwin Williams and Baldwin Wallace, as well as Bridging the Employability Gap with panelists from Oswald Company, Swagelok and Eaton.

    The summit wrapped up with a plenary session presented by Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans titled Building a Talent Pipeline Through a Winternship. The company’s Winternship is a week-long immersion experience in Detroit, Michigan, for students looking to gain professional experience over their winter break. During the week, students engage with senior leaders, shadow hiring leaders, attend exclusive events and other opportunities. At the end of the week, students may receive an offer to join the company for a summer internship or full-time role after graduation. Summit attendees heard about the challenges faced with the Winternship program, how the company measures success and where they continue to see it grow.

    If you want to learn more about GCP’s talent agenda and how your company can connect, contact us at

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  • Next up: 3 Things to Know: Benefits for Your Business

    3 Things to Know: Benefits for Your Business


    The benefit of having so many experienced entrepreneurs writing for Mind Your Business is that we have a lot of valuable information to share regarding benefit programs—which can really come in handy during this time of year.

    Here are three things our experts would like you to know about benefits and your business.

    The first thing to know: Employees who are well, do well.

    From reduced health care costs to increased employee morale, there are many benefits of a workplace wellness program. Learn more about the costs associated with employee wellness programs, the benefits of them and examples.

    Healthy, engaged employees are more productive than those who aren’t. Check out this explanation of how to put wellness programs into action.

    The second thing to know: A good benefit package helps attract and keep employees.

    Finding the right talent in any industry is tough. Trying to stand apart from the crowd and be an industry leader in attracting top talent can be even more difficult. Having a solid benefits program that includes things like wellness opportunities, flexibility and more can help.

    When it comes to hiring the newest generations of workers, benefits are even more important than ever before. Research shows that while adequate compensation is important to millennials, so are things like increased vacation time and the ability to work remotely. And, check out what benefits are important to Gen Z when it comes to accepting a position and staying in it.

    The third thing to know: COSE’s multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA) could be perfect for your small business.

    If you’re considering COSE’s MEWA but you’re unsure whether or not to move forward, here are five reasons why it could be a good fit. From the strength of network to cost savings, you and your business can unlock big benefits with COSE’s MEWA. Find out more.

    Get caught up on other topics we’ve explored on the blog by reading more of our 3 Things to Know articles.


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  • Next up: 3 Things to Know: Finding Great Talent

    3 Things to Know: Finding Great Talent

    You can't build a successful business without a talented team. Here are three things to know when it comes to hiring the best employees, and information about a free webinar to help position you to find great talent for your small business.


    If you want to run a successful small business, you need to build a great team around you. Make sure you carefully plan out your hiring strategies and that you have a good understanding of the best tactics for effectively filling your needs. And, read all the way to the bottom for information about a free webinar to help you win the race for talent.

    First thing to know: It takes some planning.

    Like most things pertaining to your business, it’s not recommended that you jump in head-first when it comes to hiring. Here are 19 tips to consider when planning out your hiring process—from identifying the type of candidate you want, to asking yourself qualifying questions regarding the type of culture you are looking to build at your business. And, plan out the best approach to finding the best candidate with these five smart hiring processes every business should know.

    Second thing to know: This isn’t your grandmother’s job market.

    Times change, candidates change, job markets change…and so too should your hiring tactics. Here are six ways to use social media to attract millennials to your business and the reasons why the hiring process needs to change when it comes to Gen Z.

    Third thing to know: COSE is here to help.

    You’ve already seen how our COSE small business experts have written blog posts full of advice on hiring great talent. But you can learn even more from the comfort of your office chair with an upcoming webinar, Get Serious about Winning the Race for Talent. Hear from Gallagher consultants, who will provide expertise and insights into how employers are attracting and retaining key talent to build a better future for their workforce. Register today—it’s free!

    Get more business advice in our 3 Things to Know series.

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  • Next up: 3 Things to Know: Internship Programs

    3 Things to Know: Internship Programs

    A good internship program can be a win-win for students and small businesses. Here are three things we think you should know before internship season comes, and be sure to scroll down for details about the 2020 Cleveland Internship Summit.


    There might be snow on the ground now but summer will eventually come to Cleveland. And it’s never too early to start preparing for your summer internship opportunities. In this edition of our 3 Things to Know series, we are focusing on internship program planning. And, scroll to the bottom for information about the 2020 Cleveland Internship Summit on February 27.

    First thing to know: Don’t wing it

    It might not sound like something you have to give a lot of time and attention to, but in order for an internship opportunity to be an effective experience for all parties involved, you’ll need to do some advance planning. Here are nine tips to help you build a best-in-class internship program.

    Second thing to know: Don’t discount high school students

    Many people automatically think of college students when considering potential interns. But high school students can bring a lot to the table for a small business. From being tech savvy to being eager to learn, here are four reasons why high schoolers could be a good fit for your internship program.

    Third thing to know: Take it from an intern

    You don’t have to just listen to us—hear directly from an intern. In this piece, one of Greater Cleveland Partnership’s former interns shares eight tips for making the most out of an internship experience. You can use this advice when thinking through internships from your end, but be sure to also pass it along to your interns.

    And, if you or your interns would like to share your experiences working together, please contact Marie Zickefoose so that we can feature you in an upcoming blog post.

    Attend the 2020 Cleveland Internship Summit

    But you know one of the best ways to get your internship program prepared and perfected? Attend the 2020 Cleveland Internship Summit on February 27 at Corporate College East.

    The Summit will bring together business community representatives and educators to discuss how to increase and improve internship opportunities in Northeast Ohio through a range of panels and conversations.

    New for this year is programming that includes a track targeting those with long-term, established internship programs, and a track of topics for those who are seeking the foundational information, or the “nuts and bolts,” of building or growing an internship program.

    All attendees, no matter how established your program, will learn valuable information from local employers and experts, and discuss the value of internships to building a strong talent pipeline.

    Learn more about the Keynote speaker and breakout sessions, and register today!

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  • Next up: 3 Things to Know: Starting the New Year off Right

    3 Things to Know: Starting the New Year off Right

    You might be tempted to wind things down in the office as the holidays come and go and we say goodbye to 2019. But if you want a good start to the New Year, take the following advice from our small business experts.


    The New Year is quickly approaching, and while there are parties to throw, gifts to wrap—and perhaps even vacations to take—now is actually a great time to start thinking about how you want to approach your business in 2020. Here are three topics our small business experts have written about when it comes to starting the New Year off right.

    First thing to know: Understanding the worth of your business is crucial

    It might not be something you think about often, but a new year is a good time to figure out one of the most important questions about your business: How much it’s worth. Knowing the true value of your business is crucial when it comes to proper business planning and achieving personal goals. Learn more about why this is important and how to conduct a business valuation.

    Second thing to know: It’s a good time to spruce up your brand

    There’s no better time for a brand refresh—or at least a brand touch-up—than a completely new year. Many small businesses don’t regularly evaluate their branding, which can lead to a stale and outdated look and feel. A business does not have to go through a complete rebrand to stay modern and interesting. Every business can see value in making simple updates to better connect your brand with the continually evolving perceptions and values of customers. Here are four easy and cost-effective tips to freshening up your branding.

    Third thing to know: Be mindful of your money

    The end of the year is a great time to review, correct and forecast your financial strategies to better leverage your company for growth in 2020. From consolidating debt to putting a succession plan in place, here are nine ways you can ensure your business is well-positioned for financial success in the new year.

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