Month in Review: February 2021


We spiced it up on the blog last month with a narrative about Pete the Virtual Sales Pitcher, and tips on how to fall in love with your business again. Check out our favorite articles from the blog in February. 

12 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence in 2021
An effective website and an influential online brand can help your company reach more people. From boosting SEO to developing relationships with influencers, check out these 12 ways to improve your online presence.

Pete Prevails: Zooming Through Sales Pitches  
The pandemic has made virtually everything...well, virtual. Sales pitches, too. But how do you make the sale when you have to worry about technology concerns on top of selling tactics? Check out this tale about Pete as he uses Zoom to pitch to a prospective customer. Find out how he combines selling best practices with virtual meeting best practices to close the sale.

Why Small Businesses May be More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks
With more businesses using new technologies and e-commerce options—as well as an increase of employees working remotely—it's even more important than ever before to guard your business against cyber attacks. Find out if your business is susceptible to cyber crime and what you can do about it.

Firing With Compassion
What do you do if you have a team member who has not grown with your company or who is no longer a good fit? Or, you are facing the unfortunate situation of needing to downsize? It is not a fun part of the job, but firing an employee is part of every small business owner's responsibilities at one point or another. Learn how to be compassionate and supportive next time you have to let an employee go.

3 Things to Know: Falling in Love with Your Business Again
Finally we didn’t forget about February being the perfect time to fall in love… with your small business. If the honeymoon period is over and you find yourself with more challenges than rewards as a business owner, it’s time to bring the passion back at work. Here are three things we think you should know when it comes to falling in love with your business again.

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  • Next up: Month in Review: January 2021

    Month in Review: January 2021

    Check out this rundown of a brief selection of standout articles on the blog last month, and don’t forget to let us know which ones were your favorite.


    We are one full month into the much-anticipated 2021 year and we have already featured a full schedule of Mind Your Business articles. Check out some of our favorites.

    The Recruiting Industry Can Be a Racket: Why "Culture Fit" is Critical 
    Check out this surprising perspective from the CEO of Zephyr Recruiting about the disconnect that can exist between the recruiting industry and the employers and job seekers it serves.

    Learn why it's important to find the right fit for a job opening, not the quickest.

    Electronic Communications: Employee vs. Employer Privacy Rights
    As a small business owner it can be confusing to determine what you can and cannot do in terms of employee privacy rights regarding the electronic universe. This article provides general information and guidance on these rights and rules. But when in doubt, business owners should always check with their attorneys.

    3 Things to Know: Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
    Diversity and inclusion is an important part of any successful business—big or small. Here are three things to know about supporting D&I in your workplace—as well as information on a new webinar series from GCP's Equity & Inclusion Division.

    RELATED: Check out more in our 3 Things to Know series.

    How to Choose the Most Effective Local Digital Marketing Tactics for Your Business in 2021
    The start of a new year is the perfect time to implement a new local digital marketing plan for your business. But prioritizing marketing tactics can be overwhelming for any business owner. This article takes a deep dive into which tactics are available and how they might help you meet your goals.

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  • Next up: Month in Review: July 2019

    Month in Review: July 2019

    If you have been on summer break from the blog, check out this recap of some of the stand-out articles from July.

    You may have been in vacation-mode this summer, but we are business as usual on the blog. Check out some of our favorite Mind Your Business articles from July.

    Building the Matrix: Who’s Responsible for Your Company’s Decisions?

    You can follow the law, carefully think through your options and consult with others. But even proceeding with extreme caution won't guarantee the outcome you're hoping for with every decision that's made for your company. Learn how the matrix of authority can help

    The Importance of GCP’s PAC

    From the state budget to infrastructure to the environment, there are many crucial public policy issues in Ohio today. As the political landscape continually evolves it is more important than ever for our business members to have a seat at the table. Learn more about GCP's political action committee.

    Can Businesses Avoid Minimum Wage Requirements by Bartering Services?

    In an effort to boost their bottom line, small businesses often barter services with independent contractors. If you're considering bartering as an option, follow these legal guidelines and tips to ensuring your business is protected.

    How to Handle HR Situations Without Having an HR Department

    You wear many hats as a small business owner. And, if you don't have a formal human resources department, HR director might be one of them. Follow these three steps to help address HR issues on your own.

    3 Things to Know: Vacationing as a Small Business Owner

    Whether you hit the beach, climb mountains or simply enjoy a stay-cation, it's important to give yourself a break--even if you run your own business. But before you put up your 'gone fishing' sign, read these three things to know about vacationing as a small business owner.

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  • Next up: Month in Review: July 2020

    Month in Review: July 2020

    In July, we shared articles and hosted webinars on everything from how to deal with stress in our “new normal” to the best practices on how businesses should go about reopening due to COVID-19. In case you missed anything, here is a rundown of what was covered over the past month:

    Experts Weigh in on Reopening Safely
    Explore reopening strategies that will ensure the health and safety of your employees, customers, and their families. Some of Northeast Ohio’s top medical professionals give their expert opinions on how businesses should safely reopen in this webinar.

    How to Handle a Positive COVID-19 Test
    As a small business owner, it’s important that you know how to manage your sick leave, create, and manage support policies and institute practices to keep everyone safe. With COVID-19 continuing to spread, it’s best to have a plan in place in case an employee does contract the virus.

    Connecting in a Digital World
    From sharing new safety protocol beyond traditional high-risk areas with employees, to communicating your commitment to safety with external audiences, it’s time to connect on a different level—visually. This article shares how to virtually stay connected with both your employees and customers.

    De-stress and Recharge
    Our daily routine is changing rapidly. Do you feel like you have more stress than ever? Are you frustrated with having low energy? Are you tired of being tired all of the time? This webinar discusses how to naturally deal with some of that extra COVID-19 related stress.

    HR in Unprecedented Times
    Watch a webinar presented by the experts at MinuteMen about what companies should do in the COVID-19 era. This webinar talks about how businesses should behave in these unprecedented times and the best ways to operate. 

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  • Next up: Month in Review: June 2019

    Month in Review: June 2019

    From how to improve where your business appears in Google search results, to whether or not your emails are missing their mark, June was a hot month on the blog.

    It’s finally summer in Cleveland and we’re heating things up on Mind Your Business. Check out some of our favorite articles from June.

    Making Relationships Work

    Before you enter into a new business relationship, it's imperative you really know your new partner. Here is the basic information you need to know, and the proof you need to see, in order to ensure your partnerships work for you.

    Online Marketing: Lessons From a Google Leader

    From recipes that call for apples to a place to go ziplining, you can find it all on Google. But, how easy is it to find your business? Follow these tips to help improve where you appear in search results.

    Do Your Emails Suck?

    Yeah, we said it—your emails just might suck. If you’re sending long attachments, using all caps, sounding too formal, or committing any of these 15 worst email practices, you’re probably missing the mark with your emails.

    Will Changes to Canadian Trademark Laws Impact Your Business?

    If you conduct business or are a trademark owner in Canada, it's imperative that you are familiar with changes on the horizon for Canadian trademark laws, specifically with registration and fees.

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  • Next up: Month in Review: March 2020

    Month in Review: March 2020


    March 2020 was quite an unprecedented month—in COSE world and all around the whole world. But it’s even more important—in the time of a global pandemic—that we bring valuable information to you through the COSE blog. Here is a rundown of some of the informative pieces we featured in March.

    #MeToo Movement Moves to the Workplace
    Sexual harassment and retaliation are serious topics and should be treated as serious concerns for all employers. Make sure you have a full understanding of how these behaviors can have a significant impact on your business.

    Understanding and Complying with Basic Employee Privacy Issues in the Workplace
    Whether it's in regard to personal items, phone calls or private information, employees have certain rights to privacy in the workplace. It’s the job of business owners to understand these rights and be compliant. Check out this first part in a series on privacy issues.

    5 Tips to Make Working from Home Work for You
    You’re taking on a lot of roles these days in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of them probably involves working from home. Here are some guidelines to navigating your new work arrangements.

    Navigating the New HR Rules
    We asked Cheryl Perez, founder and president of BIG-HR, about the latest HR rules that are impacting small businesses during the Coronavirus outbreak. Here's what she had to say.

    Also, COSE collaborated with Cheryl to bring our members a free one-hour webinar on even more about this topic. Watch the webinar here.

    What was your favorite Mind Your Business article from March? Let us know on Twitter!

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