Month in Review: April 2018

From watching out for the latest email scam to a recap of the #NerdOscars winners, here are our five favorite articles from April.

Spring has finally sprung in the CLE as we wind down April on MYB. Take a look at some of our favorite articles from this month.

Creating digital relationships
Before Facebook, people actually met face-to-face with their customers. We’re bringing you back to the tried and true method to grow your small business—relationship building. Check out these six easy ways to create relationships with your digital fans

“Microsoft” email scam
Are you aware of the latest email scam and do you know what to do if you are targeted? Emails appearing to come from Microsoft could potentially harm your computer and your data. Don’t be a victim. Know what to look out for and how to handle the situation.

10 networking mistakes
The self-proclaimed godfather of networking in COSE land is here to rescue you from torturous, unproductive networking experiences. Make your next networking event as effective as possible by avoiding these 10 mistakes.

2018 Best of Tech Awards
Did you miss OHTech's 2018 Best of Tech Awards this month? We're bringing you a list of the winners from the big #NerdOscars night and the reaction to the event on Twitter. 

Ins and Outs of Business Insurance
In this month’s WebEd Series, we heard from two experts in the business insurance industry. Check out highlights of this webinar tailored to small business owners, and scroll to the bottom of the article to view the full presentation. And, make sure you register for our next WebEd Series - Ask a video producer: Pro-Tips for great productions.

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  • Next up: Month in Review: August 2018

    Month in Review: August 2018

    From a new initiative sure to transform our regional economy, to advice on getting on the next season of Shark Tank (well, sort of), we are highlighting some of the standout articles from August on Mind Your Business.

    Our contributors are experts in their fields and we love showcasing their sharpness. Here are some of the most memorable moments from August.

    Ins and outs of drug testing

    Here’s a detailed look at the three common employee drug-testing policies, what you need to know about them and how they might impact your workplace. Read on and get it all straight before finding yourself in a tricky situation.

    Marketing R&R

    Forget “rest and relaxation”—we’re talking repeat and referral business in this marketing article geared toward helping your small business grow after making that initial sale. Get working on your game plan to earning repeat and referral business.

    Blockchain in Blockland

    You may have never heard about it before this month, but we talked a lot in August about blockchain technology. The governor recently signed cybersecurity legislation that included language regarding blockchain technology. Additionally, Cleveland leaders are organizing around a new initiative to transform and enhance our regional economy through blockchain technology. This effort, known as Blockland, is focused on how to re-position Cleveland on the cutting edge of technological advancement.

    Using intellectual property to grow your business

    You've seen others do it on Shark Tank, but now learn the specifics on using intellectual property to grow and protect your own small business. Check out the types of IP and 3 specific action steps you can take in this recap of a recent COSE webinar

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  • Next up: Month in Review: February 2018

    Month in Review: February 2018

    A shorter month doesn’t mean less good stuff from Mind Your Business. Our staff is back at it, showcasing some of our stand-out articles in February.

    What happened in Mind Your Business this month? Here are a few of our favorite things from February!

    Don’t just set it and forget it

    You spend a lot of time planning and creating your marketing efforts. Don’t have one-and-done content; instead, repurpose it. Rejuvenate your blogs, videos, testimonials, social posts, webinars and more! Check out these six ways to give new life to great content.

    What you need to know about firearms in the workplace

    It’s not a topic we like to think about, but with workplace violence and shootings on the rise, it’s crucial for business owners to outline firearm policies for their employees. In order to do so, employers must know the laws regarding employee possession of firearms. Take a look as we unpack these laws and detail potential scenarios that could trigger this type of violence.

    Get ready to roll out the red carpet

    Buyers have a lot of choices these days and they’re doing their research. Stand out in a crowd of mediocre customer service by giving your potential and current customers the red carpet treatment. Thanks to our WebEd Series on how to provide top-notch customer service, we’re bringing you two dozen ways to optimize your customer impact.

    How to hire

    Hiring is an exciting time for your business, but making sure all of your employment forms are in order can be decidedly less fun. Here are five must-have items to include in your staffing toolkit so that you’re prepared the next time your business is in hiring mode.

    Compete in an Amazon world

    Approaches to buying are evolving as technology advances. Selling tactics must adapt if companies are to remain relevant. As the rules of business continue to change, learn how to keep up. Take a look at two industry examples, as well as steps to take to ensure your selling process best fits the customer’s buying process.

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  • Next up: Month in Review: January 2018

    Month in Review: January 2018

    Each month, the Mind Your Business staff picks out their favorite articles from the past month. Enjoy the picks from January 2018!

    We kicked off the New Year with stories covering everything from ways to safeguard your intellectual property to reasons why you need to incorporate video into your marketing plans. Here we’ve highlighted our top five favorite articles from January.

    Knock it out of the park with your small business

    Just like the Indians have had success against teams from bigger markets, 2018 COSE Annual Meeting attendees discovered how small businesses can compete against bigger competition. And so can you! Check out a link to the full audio and a summary of the session, featuring Indians Manager Terry Francona, Chairman and CEO Paul Dolan and legendary play-by-play announcer Tom Hamilton. 

    Don’t phone it in

    Do you come across as too casual over the phone? Are you lazy when it comes to communicating with current or prospective customers? Give your image a facelift by implementing these five super easy tips on improved phone communication.

    Lessen anxiety by increasing preparation 

    Emergency action plans may not be anyone’s favorite topic, but they are extremely necessary and helpful to preparing your workforce should an emergency arise. From establishing a preferred method of communication to posting evacuation routes throughout the premises, check out these nine expert safety tips that you can implement in your business.

    Big recognition, little money

    We all surely know by now that millennials are the key to the future for our businesses. And we also know this younger group of workers appreciates recognition for a job well done. But how can companies provide this positive feedback without breaking the bank?

    Steer clear of employee immigration issues

    Valuable employees with in-demand skills can be found in the U.S. and abroad. But when it comes to hiring outside of the country, there is a lot you need to know. Tracking Visa expiration dates and diligently completing the I-9 form are just two of the ways to reduce headaches with immigration laws concerning current or prospective employees. Before finding yourself in a hiring predicament or spending time on an ineligible candidate, be sure to review our other eight tips.

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  • Next up: Month in Review: July 2018

    Month in Review: July 2018

    From under-the-radar business challenges to a venti-sized brand identity dilemma, check out these must-read MYB articles from July.

    It’s always hard to choose but we are bringing you five of our favorite Mind Your Business articles from July. Which ones stand out to you?

    What You Need to Know About Employee Screenings

    The hiring process can be a daunting task and finding the perfect fit for your team requires more than relying on a resume or a quick search on social media. Here are five tips to help you effectively conduct background screenings.

    Develop the Leader Inside You

    Are you an effective leader? Here are five hard questions to ask of yourself to determine what level of influence you have on those around you

    Don’t be the Next Unicorn Frappuccino

    Establishing strong brand awareness is important, and it’s crucial you aren’t infringing upon another brand’s identity. Take a look at these tips to make sure you aren’t the next Unicorn Frappuccino—read on to see what we mean.

    The Top 5 Reasons to Attend BizConCLE 2018

    From the new easy-to-get-to location at the I-X Center or the series of 10 educational workshops taking place throughout the day, here are the top five reasons why you should attend BizConCLE on Nov. 1.

    Under-the-Radar Business Challenges

    In our series spotlighting COSE’s Investor Level members, we sat down with Michael Canty from Alloy Bellows & Precision Welding. Hear what he had to say about the business challenges nobody is talking about and how he works to overcome them.

    What was your favorite Mind Your Business article from July? Let us know on Twitter!

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  • Next up: Month in Review: June 2018

    Month in Review: June 2018

    From saving your company money on energy to learning tips from the pros on video production, we are highlighting some of the great pieces on the blog from June.

    Summer is in full swing and Mind Your Business was hot in June. Check out some of our favorite articles from this month.

    How to hire Gen Z

    The tricks and tactics you’ve implemented to attract and keep other generations on your team might not be as effective when it comes to Generation Z. Find out what you need to know in order to hire this new generation of workers.

    COSE’s Energy Team can save you money

    The administration at Christian Community School in Grafton recently engaged COSE/GCP’s Energy Team to perform an audit of the organization’s facility (a $5,400 value, paid for by FirstEnergy and an exclusive benefit to COSE/GCP members). You won’t believe the results (and the savings!).

    Strategies for handling suspected workplace misconduct

    In one of our hottest articles this month, we laid out specific guidelines for handling workplace misconduct. Be prepared and know how to keep the peace if this type of situation presents itself in your business.

    Video production tips from the pros

    COSE’s recent WebEd Series Webinar featured tips on creating professional-looking videos. In case you missed it, we’re recapping the webinar and you can even catch the full presentation. It’s more than just sound bites—check out these great tips from a local pro!

    Keeping your social professional

    Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms may be immediate and informal ways to communicate with constituents, but you should still be professional when representing your business. Learn how respect, patience and curiosity are all elements of ensuring your ‘social’ is still professional.

    What was your favorite Mind Your Business article from June? Let us know on Twitter!

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