Month in Review: June 2020

Need some practical advice for navigating the "new normal?" Check out some of our favorite articles and webinars from June.

In June, we shared a number of articles and webinars from our experts on operating your business in the COVID-19 "new normal." In case you missed something of interest, here's a roundup of the best "how-to" highlights:  

1. How to. . . keep your newly reopened business safe and secure

As you reopen your business, how do you keep yourself, your employees, and your customers safe and secure—especially with everyone wearing face masks? Tim Dimoff provides a list of tips and suggestions, many of which are especially relevant if you have a retail operation or deal with the public. 

2. How to. . . market your local business to local customers post-lockdown 

The recent lockdown isn’t the end of local patronage, it just means less foot traffic. By connecting and communicating with your audience online and providing many safe, remote resources for no-contact service, you can rebuild your customer base and your local business can thrive in the new-normal. 

3. How to. . . keep your supply chain moving in uncertain times

As many businesses begin to recover from the impacts of COVID-19, it’s important to understand best practices for effective supply chain management. With transportation in the U.S. operating at roughly 85 percent of its usual activity, navigating and proactively planning for your business’ logistics is crucial. 

4. How to. . . redesign and retrofit your workplace to promote health and safety

As Ohio returns to work, businesses are grappling with social distancing and sanitization and keeping workers safe and healthy. What does that mean for workplaces, both in the immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis and in the future? How do you rethink workplace strategy?

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  • Next up: Month in Review: March 2018

    Month in Review: March 2018

    From perfecting your sales pitch to protecting against data disasters, we’re bringing you some of our favorite Mind Your Business stories from March.

    Mind Your Business was stacked with stories in March. Here are some of the articles that stood out to us this month.

    A minute to win it

    Here's how to make a 60-second sales pitch that will catch the interest of everyone walking by your next trade show booth. And after you read up on these tips, mark your calendar for Nov. 1 when you can put them in action at our very own BizConCLE.

    Don't get hooked by a phishing scam

    As part of a special series with the Federal Trade Commission highlighting small business scams, here are 13 ways to keep hackers at bay and your network safe. Did you miss Part 1 of the series? Get caught up here on what you need to know about office supply scams.

    Employment contract provisions in detail

    From descriptive provisions such as scope of employment and probationary period, to protective provisions such as non-competition and work for hire, we are laying out the 13 essential employment contract provisions that you need to familiarize yourself with before making your next hiring move.

    ‘Alexa, make people click on this article.’

    Are you leveraging voice search for your small business yet? Consumer research isn’t just about typing into Google anymore. Find out more about voice search devices and how you can take advantage of this new area of the marketing world.

    Is your site HTTPS secure?

    Customers want to make sure they are visiting, buying from and entering information into a site that is as secure as possible. Enter HTTPS security. Learn the importance of HTTPS and how you can implement it on your small business website today.

    What was your favorite Mind Your Business article from March? Let us know on Twitter!

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  • Next up: Month in Review: May 2018

    Month in Review: May 2018

    From what you need to know about medical marijuana in Ohio to how to go about balancing leisure and liability when it comes to company social events, we are recapping four of our favorite Mind Your Business stories from May.

    May was an informative month on Mind Your Business, with tips provided on several issues related to running a small business. Check out the highlights from this month.

    BWC’s new workplace wellness program

    The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has a new workplace wellness program, Better You Better Ohio. If you missed the COSE webinar on this innovative approach to a healthier work environment, we have you covered. Check out the highlights and scroll to the bottom of the article for access to the full presentation.

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    Medical marijuana timeline update

    By Sept. 8, 2018, a functional medical marijuana program will be implemented in Ohio. Will you be prepared for the impact that might have on your business? Here are eight things small business owners should keep in mind.

    What to do after you’re hacked

    You might think it will never happen to you, but you should know what to do in case it does. We are highlighting the three steps you should take immediately if your business finds itself the target of a data hack.

    •          RELATED: Wondering if an email is OK to open? Here are nine warning signs.

    The legalities of hosting company social events

    Work parties can help foster relationships, boost morale and increase retention. But there’s also the concern of liability in these less-formal functions. Before you start planning, read these tips on how to stay on the right side of the law when it comes to mixing business with pleasure.

    What was your favorite Mind Your Business article from May? Let us know on Twitter!

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  • Next up: Month in Review: May 2019

    Month in Review: May 2019

    From uncovering the advantages of being an early saver, to discovering how to have a well-rounded data science team, May was an informative month on Mind Your Business. Take a look.

    We featured a lot of important information on the blog during the month of May. Here are some of our favorite articles—do any of these make your list?

    3 Steps Employers Must Take When Engaging in the Interactive ADA Process
    How solid is your understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? As a business owner, it is crucial that you know how to proceed when it’s time to engage in the ADA process. Specifically, here are three key recommendations from our legal experts when it comes to responding to requests for extended leave. Follow these steps to help your business avoid unnecessary legal proceedings and costs.

    What Makes a Well-Rounded Data Science Team?
    From the Machine Learning Scientist to the Data Engineer to the Engagement Leader, in the second part of this two-part series, we are taking a deep dive into the roles you need to fill to create a perfect data science team at your company.

    RELATED: Data science is a team sport.

    The Advantages of Saving Sooner
    There are people who have plans in place for saving early in their careers, and there are people who are a little later to the game. Where do you fall? Check out this tale of two savings strategies and their radically different outcomes.

    The 5 Skills All Successful Entrepreneurs Share
    Connecting the dots, questioning everything—finding success as an entrepreneur doesn’t happen by accident. And these are just two of the standout skills that all successful entrepreneurs tend to have in common. Are you proficient in these five areas?  

    What was your favorite Mind Your Business article from May? Let us know on Twitter!

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  • Next up: Month in Review: November 2018

    Month in Review: November 2018

    From putting the building blocks of a content marketing strategy in place to dealing with workplace threats, we are recapping some of our favorite stories on the blog in November.

    We are always thankful for our Mind Your Business contributors, but this month we are especially grateful for their commitment. Here are some of our favorite stories that hit the blog in November.

    Business Growth Boot Camp recap

    During a recent COSE Business Growth Boot Camp, BoxCast VP of Marketing Sam Brenner laid out the blueprint of how his company leveraged its content marketing strategy to grow its business.

    New cyberthreat facing businesses

    Hackers are changing their tactics these days to invade companies. Cybersecurity expert John Carlin cast a spotlight on these new and more sophisticated approaches during the recent BusinessTECH 2018 conference. Check out the recap of this keynote address.

    Are your one-on-ones working?

    Management-staff one-on-one meetings are probably a regular occurrence at your company. But how effective are they and does anyone actually enjoy them? Learn how to make one-on-ones work for you.

    Dealing with workplace threats

    Last month we took a look at 36 warning signs of potential workplace violence. This month we took a deep dive into how to go about handling those situations and next steps to take if you do see a warning sign with one of your employees. Help keep your company safe by following these tips.

    What was your favorite Mind Your Business article from November? Let us know on Twitter!

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  • Next up: Month in Review: October 2018

    Month in Review: October 2018

    From cashing in your rebate checks to an easy way to improve your professional appearance, a variety of topics were covered on Mind Your Business in October.

    Falling leaves, pumpkin spice and Mind Your Business. Take a look at the following selection of subjects discussed on the blog so far this fall.

    Megan Kim to lead COSE

    The Greater Cleveland Partnership has named Megan Kim as the executive director of its small business program, the Council of Smaller Enterprises. Click here to learn more about Megan.

    Cash in your BWC rebate checks

    More than 5,500 Ohio employers are sitting on $10.8 million in uncashed checks, according to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. These checks were distributed this summer as part of a $1.5-billion rebate. If you received one of these rebate checks but haven’t gotten around to cashing it, you better hurry—they have a 90-day life and began expiring Oct. 3.

    Mediate, arbitrate, litigate?

    Should you negotiate means for Alternative Dispute Resolution into your next business contract? Take a deeper look into ADR clauses, including the objectives and benefits to mediation, and when to avoid it.

    Are you listening?

    Our collective listening skills have taken a hit lately, thanks to all the modern, technological distractions that surround us. Turn on your listening ears (and easily improve your professional appearance) by following these steps.

    Chairman’s Forum recap

    There are nine critical issues impacting Northeast Ohio businesses today. Check out a recap of these big issues as discussed at the latest edition of the GCP Chairman’s Forum, featuring GCP Chairman Scott Chaikin and GCP CEO Joe Roman.

    What was your favorite Mind Your Business article from October? Let us know on Twitter!

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