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Winter is Coming: Lock in Your Fixed Natural Gas Plan Today

Nicole Stika |

Early forecasts are predicting another colder than normal winter, and natural gas rates could continue to increase. As a business owner, you know that utilities impact your bottom line. And with winter on the horizon, it’s time to ensure that you are locked into the right rate.

Energy News

COSE Helps Home Brewer Keep the Lights On

Paul Benner had a dream.  He wanted to start his own business...not re-invent the light bulb!  He ended up doing a little of both.

A lifelong Clevelander, Paul had a full-time job and a full-time hobby of brewing his own beer at home.

In 2011, Paul's job relocated him to Indianapolis, Indiana.  Making the trip to Indiana was also the desire to start his own business centered on his passion for brewing beer.