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Final Four in the 2014 COSE Business Pitch Competition Announced

The final phase of the competition will feature the four finalists making their final pitches to a panel of judges.  The event will serve as the kick-off to the 2014 Small Business Convention that will take place the next two days (October 23 & 24) at Kalahari Resorts and Convention Center in Sandusky.

Small Business News

Your Book Means Business: How Self-Publishing Leads to Success

Lisa Ryan |

It’s true, everyone has story. Yet how many of those stories, experiences and life lessons have the privilege of coming to life in book form - either in printed form or in the electronic version. If you have been thinking about becoming an author, here are a few reasons for you to kick it into gear and get started.

Small Business News

How to Reaffirm Customer Relationships

Marvin Montgomery |

So you’ve closed a big sale and you’re feeling great. However, the hard work isn't over.  What is your plan for reaffirming customer relationships after the sale is closed?  It's absolutely essential that you develop a plan that will aid you in customer retention because your current customer base is, by far, your most profitable group and where the majority of your future sales will come from. 

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Creating a New Customer Experience

Why is Starbucks so successful in selling you a $4.00 cup of coffee when McDonald’s charges $2.00? Why does a stay at a Ritz Carlton hotel seem much different than a stay at the Holiday Inn?

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Share What You Know

When it comes to marketing, sharing content is the key to success. Google is always scouring the Internet for current and relevant content, and it is more likely to favor the websites and organizations that are providing it by placing them higher in search engine rankin

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Cascading and Communication

Alex Freytag |

There’s a great visual metaphor for business related to the concept of cascading. The idea is that you can conceive of your company as a waterfall in which the decisions that are made at each level affect the decisions made as you go down the waterfall into the pool. You can imagine that the decisions made at the top of the waterfall are quite strategic. 

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Finding Money ($$) in Your Pocket

We all jump with joy when we find that $20 bill lying on the sidewalk or in an old winter coat that's been in the back of the closet. But think about how an extra $2000 would make you feel. It would be pretty exciting, right? Well, you could be leaving at least that much on the table if you don’t take simple steps to reduce your energy use though no-to-low cost retrofit measures.

Small Business News

Small Business Confidence Level Dips in Northeast Ohio

The confidence level of small business owners in Northeast Ohio has seemed to have peaked and is now lower compared to the level of those surveyed in late-2012.  That’s according to a recent survey of 213 small businesses in the Cleveland area by the Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE).