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Turning Doubt into Confidence: Women in Technology

Courtney Byham |
Doubt – that sense or feeling of uncertainty you get when thinking about the future. Especially that rush of doubt you feel when taking a leap of faith to change careers.

Doubt in oneself, doubt in one’s financial state or doubt in the ability to live outside one’s comfort zone. It’s a common thing everyone struggles with when making decisions about the future, specifically the right career path.

Turn your doubt into confidence on October 8!

Roxanne Hodgkinson
Technology News

CIO Symposium Podcasts

Roxanne Hodgkinson |
Approximately 200 technology executives from across Northeast Ohio attended the 17th Annual CIO Symposium presented by OHTec and the Greater Cleveland Partnership last week.

The full-day event, the longest-running gathering of CIOs in Northeast Ohio, featured a number of deep-dive “Tech Talks” from leading technology experts. 
Technology News

How Twitter Reacted to the 2016 CIO Symposium

Shawn Turner |

Roughly 200 IT leaders from across Northeast Ohio gathered last week to discuss the major issues impacting the local tech scene as part of the 2016 CIO Symposium. Topics ranged from talent, to data science, to leadership lessons from a former astronaut.

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The Vision Gap

Andy Halko, CEO at Insivia, An Interactive Studio |

Leaders eat, sleep, and drink their business. It's a constant flow of thoughts, challenges, and opportunities. New insights and strategies are constantly popping off in their head like fireworks - often happening so fast it's hard to really take it all in. Their vision of what their business is and where it is going is constantly being defined deeper with more detail.  Great leaders have a clear vision because it is key to driving a business towards success.  It’s not just that point in the horizon you are aimed for, but also all the details of exactly how you are going to get there.

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How Mobile is Shaping Business

Shawn Turner |

Back in 2009, mobile devices accounted for 0.7% of all Internet traffic, according to data from We Are Social. Flash forward to today, and mobile traffic accounts for 38.6% of Web traffic. Needless to say, small business owners need to be aware of this growing trend because their customers are accessing information in a wholly different way, said Bob Coppedge, the CEO of Simplex-IT in Hudson. “You have to understand mobile is increasing,” he said during a recent COSE WebEd webinar.

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RNC: Don’t Let Security Concerns Trump Your Week

The Republican National Convention (RNC) will be hosted in Cleveland from July 18-21, with secondary events planned for the days immediately leading up to and following. It’s no secret this will be a huge event for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, as it will bring the focus of the national and international media, millions of dollars from thousands of visitors and, of course, protestors. Regardless if your headquarters is five or 25 miles from downtown, there are added risks you should prepare for.

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6 Steps to Improve Cyber Security

Shawn Turner |

While cyber threats to your business evolve over time, the basic principles of defense remain the same. It’s with that thinking in mind that the Federal Trade Commission published its report “Start with Security: A Guide for Business” which details cyber security best practices as gleaned from previous FTC cases. Following are six steps you can start implementing today to keep your network safe.