Tips For Your Business: Create a Memorable Environment for Customers

Shawn Turner |

The half-dozen Melt Bar & Grilled locations in Ohio ooze personality. Matt Fish, co-founder of the restaurant chain, credits the company’s 350 employees and staff members for helping create a positive guest environment.

The key to building that environment begins and ends with training the staff, Fish said during a recent interview with COSE. Restaurant workers are encouraged to be themselves while on the job.

“We want our guests to know who you are,” he said, describing what new hires are told. “I want their personalities to shine. We don’t tell them how to dress, how to act. We don’t tell them to go to the table and have canned responses or you need to up-sell this or up-sell that.”

The personalities of the restaurants become what they are because of the staff, he said. For example, the flagship Lakewood location, which opened in 2006, has continued to improve during the course of the past decade in large part because of the staff and their interaction with customers setting the stage for the dining experience.

“You enjoy the restaurant, you enjoy the food. Explain these things to the guest. Give them the inner secrets of the menu. Tell then what you order as a member of the Melt team.”