2010 CIO Symposium Developing an Effective i-Device Strategy Breakout Session

Brad Nellis |

When the iPod was introduced in October of 2001, it made its mark in the consumer world, not on your network. But with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and more recently with the iPad, various “iDevices” began to have a serious impact on IT operations. Initially a nuisance, more recently intriguing collection of potential business tools, savvy CIOs and their staffs are learning how to survive and prosper when integrating “consumer” electronic devices. Learn from CIOs who have had some hits and some misses while they speculated on pitches yet to come. 

Panelists included: Bill Whelan, Cisco; Scott Chapin, DigiKnow; Jerry Carlson, Microsoft; Ron Kerensky, Arhaus 

Listen here.