2010 CIO Symposium Google Apps and Cloud Computing Breakout Session

OHTech |

When Google announced its free “Gmail” service on April 1, 2004, many initially thought it was to be a cute April Fool’s joke. Over six years and more than a dozen free or nearly free applications later, Google apps and other cloud-based options have moved from nice consumer toys to serious enterprise tools. For many CIOs, the question has changed from “Can cloud-based applications like this be taken seriously?” to “Will I be taken seriously if I don’t strongly consider Google Apps for my organization?” Join us for a discussion of IT leaders who swear by them, swear at them, and ponder the future of Google apps and other cloud applications in the enterprise. 

Panelists included: Matt Hallock, Expedient; Stephen Hujarski, ASW Global; Michael Kimmel, Cleveland Institute of Art 

Listen here.