2011 CIO Symposium Evolution of the CIO

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The evolving role of the CIO has been recounted for years, from keeping the servers running to managing email to minimizing software costs to incorporating new technologies and on and on. Now more than ever, the role of the CIO is evolving into even more of a business partner role. In fact, Harvard Business Review paints a new look for the CIO: Chief Infrastructure Officer, Chief Integration Officer, Chief Intelligence Officer, and Chief Innovation Officer. 

This session will explore how CIOs are managing these disparate facets of their position to maximize the impact of information technology on their organization. Panelists: Leslie Pochaukas, CIO-Electronic Merchant Systems, Bob Gerardi, CIO-RSM McGladrey, Bruce Michelson, National Lifecycle Manager-Hewlett-Packard, Paul Stefunek , CEO-Paul-Lawrence Associates.

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