Marketing Automation for Tech Companies

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Selling tech solutions certainly has its challenges: articulating complex solutions, offering an intangible product and so on. But leveraging technology to grow sales can be challenging too, even for technology companies. 

Marketing automation offers a valuable opportunity to help tech companies engage prospects and customers more effectively and to grow sales. 

But what exactly is marketing automation, and how could it benefit your business? Just as importantly, how does a company select the marketing automation tools best suited to its business? And what does it take to deploy and optimize your marketing efforts with such a system? 

Join us for an engaging session to learn the answers to these questions and more. We’ve assembled a diverse panel of vendors, advisors and users who’ll share the ins and outs of marketing automation and how tech firms can benefit. 


Jeff Linton 

Product Marketing Manager 

Act-On Software 

Joel Goldstein 


Goldstein Group Communications 

Rick Neiman 

Director of Digital Marketing 

Avery Dennison - Labels and Packaging Materials 

Moderated by: Bob Sullivan, President - InfoGrow

Listen here.